Science Is Now Saying— The Afterlife Does Exist…

Science Is Now Saying— The Afterlife Does Exist

Dr. Sam Parnia an anesthesiologist has done many years of research into the possibility of an afterlife.

And from Dr. Parnai’s work on consciousness… he has found that with thousands of people who have had the same kind of Near Death Experience that consciousness does go on into another realm in some way.

That our essence, our soul, our being, that which makes us “you” and “me” goes on forever into another life of some kind.

And other scientists have shown that there are tubules in the nerve cells of the brain. And inside those tubules are countless subatomic particles flashing in and out of existence. And from what they understand… these subatomic particles make up our consciousness and cannot be destroyed.

So science and theology are coming together into a one-pointed understanding that there is more to our human existence than just this flesh and blood body. There is a process that takes place… we do not perish when we die… we are eternal.

Also, at the University of Virginia, they have thousands upon thousands of verified accounts of young children remembering their past lives. And a team of scientists has verified their past lives. And found out that the lives they said they had lived in the past were without a doubt true.

So we have more and more evidence mounting showing that we don’t perish when we die. We come back to this world again and again to learn lessons… As it is talked about in many spiritual texts.

So take heart… there is a reason we come into this world… and a reason we leave this world. And this process goes on and on… until we let go of our ego and join in the great expanse of LIGHT.

And thus it’s important to celebrate life and understand life’s great meaning.

Many Blessings My Friends!

Dr. Paul Haider


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