Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury And Moon In Capricorn…

Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury And Moon In Capricorn

Challenging time period — Saturday 26th February 2022 -Tuesday 1st March 2022

From Saturday 26th February to 1st March 2022, the transit of five planets is going to take place in Capricorn which may result in an intense 4 days.

Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Moon will meet in the zodiac sign Capricorn. This means these planets will be together in one of the 12 houses which belong to Capricorn in any given horoscope.

During this period all those planets will radiate their strengths but at the same time because of the energies of the planets nearby, there will be a greater likelihood of significant challenges. The intensity of this will be different for each horoscope. Depending on the planetary positions in a horoscope, some individuals may feel more stressed and/or depressed than others during this time period. Globally we could expect natural disasters and unexpected political-socio-economic challenges.

This is how the universe reminds us to act calmly and mindfully while being more vigilant and paying more attention to our day-to-day activities. It is a reminder to act lovingly, honestly and to practice compassion and loving-kindness. This is not a time to be too smart or forceful. During this time period, daily meditation and spiritual practice could help us a lot.

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