Saturn And Mars Conjunction In Capricorn In Vedic Horoscope Will Continue Till The 8th April 2022…

Saturn And Mars Conjunction In Capricorn In Vedic Horoscope Will Continue Till The 8th April 2022

Remedy: Avoid conflicts, be calm and relaxed while keeping up with your spiritual lifestyle filled with compassion and loving-kindness.

The most intense and stressful period could be April 4th — 6th. This could lead to intense frustration, impatience, aggression, violent reactions, explosive behaviour and destruction.

This could be one of the most stressful conjunctions seen in Vedic Astrology, as Saturn and Mars are strong malefic planets and mutual enemies. However, at the same time, in a different circumstance, if well placed in the Natal Chart can also be helpful planets.

During this conjunction, in Capricorn, Saturn will be very strong as it is his own house and Mars will be exalted. This can create a planetary war.

Saturn has the nature of slowing our activities whilst Mars creates the opposite effect.

Saturn is the limping old spiritual teacher and as the slow-moving outer planet relates to law and order, slow and steady hard work, obstacles, the elderly etc. However, Mars is an aggressive planet that acts like a dictator or commander and relates to quickness, impulsiveness, quick actions, anger, independence, and headstrong nature.

Mars is all about finishing the task quickly and independently, but Saturn has nothing to do with quickness. Saturn wishes to do the task slowly with maturity and responsibility.

Since Saturn is the owner of Capricorn and he can work hard with responsibility and resilience, it is likely he will win this war, but Mars will keep on fighting.

During this time period, it could be challenging for Cancerians (Zodiac sign Cancer or Kataka in Vedic/Indian Astrology) because Mars and Saturn will fully aspect the zodiac sign Cancer which is the debilitated sign of Mars and enemy sign of Saturn. In such cases, support of other planets like Jupiter will reduce the impact.

Therefore, during this time period, it is best to act slowly and wisely while eliminating your Martian personality traits. This is not a time to be fiery, angry, headstrong, independent or argumentative. The best remedy is to respect elders and act slowly and calmly while practising a spiritual lifestyle filled with compassion and loving-kindness. Meditation and meditative yoga will help a lot. Remember to remain calm avoid conflicts and not to rush. Learn to let go.

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