I’m Dr. Samar Habib, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Dr. Samar Habib, And This Is My Dharma

My primary objective is to reduce suffering and to increase compassion, because a better world is possible, one mind at a time. A thousand years ago you will have found me either in China or Baghdad making use of their massive libraries and centers of learning. Now, you’ll find me essentially doing three things: 1) Figuring out how things work 2) Figuring out how they can work better and 3) Sharing what I learn.

I received my PhD from the University of Sydney when I was 26. I published dozens of academic articles and encyclopedia entries, as well as 6 books since then. I have given lectures at some of the best universities in the world and two TEDx talks. I’ve written for the Washington Post and once had the pleasure of speaking alongside a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. My next book is based on 8 years of research and personal experimentation, it goes by the same name as the online course I launched on Udemy in June.

Personal or Professional Goals:

My personal and professional goals are essentially the same: I strive to live with integrity, to work toward the greater good, and to pursue my highest purpose while utilizing the gifts I have been given.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

Knowledge! I am a knowledge worker, which is really the same as saying Healer to me. The knowledge I specialize in heals. I’ve always been drawn to making ideas and innovate solutions that resolve unnecessary suffering. That’s why you’ll find me forever drawn to social justice, to compassion, to greater understanding.

Who/What Inspires You?

Buddhism inspires me. Quantum Physics inspires me. The International Court of Justice and the idea of the United Nations inspires me. Outer space inspires me, as do atoms, the nature of light, spiritual traditions, and existential philosophy.


Reduce suffering. Increase compassion.

Favorite Quote:

I think I am paraphrasing Ajahn Chah when I say “All psychological phenomena is rubbish.”

Accomplished Goals:

In August last year I asked myself a question I learned from my Neuro-Linguistic Programming training: What would you do if 1) you didn’t have to worry about money, 2) You weren’t concerned about your reputation and 3) You weren’t trying to create a following.

I then quit my job and started doing what I would do if I didn’t 1 and weren’t 2 & 3. What I did went a little something like this:

  • I wrote a novel in 7 weeks and then pitched it to 4 NYC publishers directly at a conference.
  • I made a 108 minute documentary film about homelessness in the city where I live and it aired on our local TV station. I then made a second documentary film that we used to raise funds for Consider The Homeless, a grass roots non-profit in my city.
  • I edited two more documentary shorts on homelessness filmed by others, and we submitted one to the AFI Meet the Press documentary shorts competition.
  • I covered protests and counter-protests in my city for our local TV station.
  • I helped produced live and pre-recorded television with a live audience (that was insane!).
  • I co-created and pitched a sci-fi TV show in Los Angeles (that was really cool!).
  • I launched my first online course on Health and Wellness called The Quantum Mind, and I am in the process of launching another course on Esotericism and Parapsychology.
  • I recorded the novel I wrote as an audiobook and plan to release it soon.
  • I started a Health and Wellness blog series (that’s how Sivana East found me!).
  • I studied the ins and outs of digital marketing and got a micro degree in it.
  • I started learning about investing.
  • I meditated virtually every single day for at least an hour (rarely missed a day).
  • I acted as editor-in-chief for a project commissioned by Oxford University Press.
  • I wrote encyclopedia entries for Cengage in my area of expertise.
  • I studied what interested me (and that’s a huge list of things).
  • Somehow, I also managed to keep working out regularly, to maintain my much-loved motorcycle and to eat well.
  • I did all this in exactly 12 months to the day! (And I’ve left some things out).
  • Moral of the story: “Be Fearless in Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire.”




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