Sacred Space: Manifesting, Embracing, And Sustaining It…

Sacred Space: Manifesting, Embracing, And Sustaining It

What is Sacred Space?

Wherever the physical and energetic meet, that is Sacred Space.

Where the Body, Mind and Spirit become one and balanced with Grace and Ease, that is Sacred Space.

This Sacred Space then becomes a safe haven, a place where we can explore ourselves with deeper self-discovery practices.

Where we can connect to Divinity and embrace our inner spark.  

This Sacred Space can be anything from a small space in our home, to a clearing in a forest or a spot by the sea, to even as small as the pauses in between the breaths we take.

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Creating Sacred Space

As mentioned above, Sacred Space can exists anywhere, it’s about infusing that space with our essence and inviting in the Sacred.

Spaces like the forest, by the sea or even in a park under a tree are wonderful places to connect with the Sacred and explore our inner depths.

But one can create a Sacred Space within the home as well.

It can be as simple as bringing some nature inside by way of fresh flowers and treasures collected such as shells, feathers, crystals and stones, the possibilities are endless.

Or as elaborate as creating and decorating an Altar, then placing these objects upon it.  

We can adorn the Altar with a beautiful cloth and place other sacred objects like statues and photographs on it.

This space is then infused with objects sacred to us, infused with our energy.

A little about Altars

Although Altars in the home are not common in Western Countries, it does provide us with a focal point, a central place within our Sacred Space to sit in silence and connect.

There is no right or wrong way to create one.  

It is though, more than just a thing to look at or a beautiful setting within the home, it‘s a visual reminder, graced with objects that are Sacred to us.  

Our Sacred Space Altar is a place where we go to sit in silence, go within and connect, allowing ourselves to tune in and listen to our inner guidance, a place to meditate, journal and do other sacred work.

Maintaining Sacred Space

Clearing and cleansing the energy within our Sacred Space is important for maintaining its sacredness.

Infusing the space with our intention, as well as, releasing and grounding any negative energy we let go of during our practice there is important.

This can be accomplished by using the elements available to us.  

Use Sacred Sound, like a Tibetan Bell and Dorje, chimes, crystal singing bowls, drumming, even our voices like in chanting, singing, humming and in prayer or simply playing inspiring music.

Use Fire and Smoke, by smudging with herbs like sage, lavender, cedar, sweet-grass, burning incense or color candles.

And of course use Water, like in clearing sprays, full Moon water, and diffusing Essential Oils.

All of these are simple and accessible ways to shift the energy and create intention in our Sacred Space.

Sacred Space and Time

For us to experience the gifts of Sacred Space we must create time to be in our Sacred Space…even if it’s a meditative walk in the park, or to sit in silence, engage in prayer or meditation, but most importantly…to just listen.

As we become in-tune to our Higher-self, our Spirit Guides and/or Divinity…we become uplifted, our vibration shifts and we create a union of Mind, Body and Spirit allowing us to experience life fully.

Spending 10 minutes a day in our Sacred Space, especially upon awakening, to connect to our Higher-self and align ourselves with that positive flow of energy that’s available to all of us; can make a huge difference on how we move throughout the rest of the day.

It can help us live life from a place of Grace and Ease no matter what that day may bring.


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