Rules Of Engagement

Rules of Engagement: Geraldine Mair

1. It’s impossible to control everything and everyone’s actions, know that your power lies in your response to life’s challenges.

2. Stay strong and stop waiting for the rescue squad, you have the capacity to overcome, you must change your insecurities for more empowering words.

3. Choose your tribe, select friends that push you, challenge you to be better, support and encourage you, choose people who level up not down.

4. Those individuals who tell you to quit on your dreams and stay in the familiar are the very ones who have given up on theirs, or didn’t believe they had the qualities to pursue them in the first place, so why listen?

5. Refuse to take advice from anyone that has failed to prove what they are offering makes a real difference. Recommendation and Reputation supersede everything else.

6. To succeed at anything, a human being will have to repeat the process many times in order to become proficient at it. Failure of a task is simple progress in every way when you rise and try again.

7. In life there are always two wolves, one that will run with you and raise you higher and another that will chase you in order to tear you down. In the end though you will thank both. one for the test and one for the support, this is how character is built.

8. Begin every new day with gratitude, see what has already shown up in your life and all the blessings you must be thankful for. stop focusing on anything that enhances lack for you become what you believe.

9. People always remember how you made them feel.

1. the patience that you elicit when you are in a difficult place yourself, restraint from anger and bitterness for others who have more, and your attitude if the tables turn and you become wealthy. everyone remembers integrity it’s the corner stone of strong morals and manners.

10. In this life you gain what you earn, the degree of effort is always the measure of the return. Nothing falls into your lap, be determined, be committed, be disciplined to reach your summit, though always with a kind heart and always by helping others on the way up.

11. Reciprocity, the practice of exchange for mutual benefit. keep paying it forward, be the best example of love that you can.

12. Empathise, when we are unable to feel the pain in another we disconnect from our humanness, love is the connection that spans the bridge, never become hardened to what’s going on around you. no one forgets this level of compassion.

13. ONE GOAL be the best you can, no excuses, that’s it!


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Geraldine Mair


Geraldine is a Certified Complementary Therapist, holding diplomas in Counselling and Psychology. Having offered talking therapies to clients over many…

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