Root To Rise

Hello and thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to browse around! I am a former teacher of about 10 years! Now, I enjoy staying home with my youngest two children. I’ve written poetry pretty much my entire life. I have dabbled in some instrument playing and songwriting. Writing comes very naturally to me, so here I am… trying to write a blog. I hope you enjoy reading little pieces of my life, and thank you for coming on this journey with me.


Rooting down

Take a breath

Digging past the clay and crust

Find the source, inside the dirt

Red layered, dry, unsoiled dust

Safely finding who you are-

Keep digging still.

On towards your core,

The mantle’s where your pleasure’s stored

Ignite the little orange flame,

Accepting them and how they came

Into your life, there is a reason,

A lesson learned or just a season,

Keep digging still.

To find your center,

Accept your truth, it is your mentor

Do not doubt yourself this way,

At your core, come what may

This little yellow litted path,

You’ve rooted down yourself at last


Take a breath and ricochet,

Back through the path you have just made.

To bridge your roots up with your heart,

This is where your new journey starts.

Lay down and relish in the green

To understand your own belief

Look up, the sky, accept the peace

Then breathe

Keep floating up into the blue

Acknowledging what is your truth

Speak up, speak louder, for all to hear

Then, keep floating

And do not fear

Ascend into the purple haze,

our Galaxy-Releasing Phase-

Releases, for your eyes to see

The giftedness inside of thee-

The twinkled diamonds in the sky,

White lights, igniting new insights

So, journey down to come back up

Root down to breathe, then listen up

Within yourself, down to your core,

Grounded, rooted,

Then you soar.

It is the only way to take- but

The choice is only yours to make.

So, keep going-

Journey through,

To see what life will bring to you.


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