Strange world is today where people give themselves titles, upadhies of Satguru, Guru, or Brahma Ŕsï or Maha Ŕsï or have honorific names as per their choice while in reality none dared to claim titles earlier without passing through personal enlightenment process by one’s efforts and action wherein the God’s and Divinities were more of facilitators and not as the sole provider of Salvation. All the paths of knowledge (Jnana), Action(Karma), Yoga (cosmic Union) were nothing but tools of attaining the goals of knowing the self. In the traditional form of gaining enlightenment, it is known that penance was done to gain boons from the Trinities of Hindu Gods (Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Brahma) but they were never worshipped to gain anything material nor were they idolized in any format except as a form of light.

Even the hierarchies had been clearly laid for the path and how they have evolved from one stage to another of attainment. Evolution began from the stage of a Sadhaka (seeker) and through penance one attained the stage of Pranava Rishi, passing through nearly 64 levels of Ŕsï’ s comprising of

  1. Mahaadi Ŕsï
  2. Mahakaal Ŕsï
  3. Kaal Ŕsï
  4. Brahmand Ŕsï
  5. Brahmakalp Ŕsï
  6. Pratikalpa Ŕsï
  7. Kalpadi Ŕsï
  8. Kalpa Ŕsï
  9. Samvrtakalpa Ŕsï
  10. Devadi Ŕsï
  11. Aghor Ŕsï
  12. Deva Ŕsï
  13. Satya Ŕsï
  14. Manvatar Ŕsï
  15. Aghoraghoratara Ŕsï
  16. Maitri Ŕsï
  17. Brahma Ŕsï
  18. Aghoracaksus Ŕsï
  19. Arga Ŕsï
  20. Kana Ŕsï
  21. Rajadhi Ŕsï
  22. Kapalamalin Ŕsï
  23. Tejistha Ŕsï
  24. Raja Ŕsï
  25. Mahat Ŕsï
  26. Maha Ŕsï
  27. Jivamukta Ŕsï
  28. Parama Ŕsï,
  29. Kanda Ŕsï
  30. Sutra Ŕsï
  31. Sruta Ŕsï
  32. Vipra Ŕsï
  33. Vipazayati Ŕsï
  34. Siddha Ŕsï
  35. Tapa Ŕsï
  36. Daanva Ŕsï
  37. Daitya Ŕsï
  38. Gandharva Ŕsï
  39. Pramujacati Ŕsï
  40. Indirayanigraha Ŕsï
  41. Jana Ŕsï
  42. Mantrakrit Ŕsï
  43. Kamandha Ŕsï
  44. Shukshmadrishti Ŕsï
  45. Antardrishti Ŕsï
  46. Anatahkaran Ŕsï
  47. Divyadrishti Ŕsï
  48. Mantrakritsama Ŕsï
  49. Kamandalava Ŕsï
  50. Grihastha Ŕsï
  51. Urdhvaretas Ŕsï
  52. Asramavasis Ŕsï
  53. Yayavaras Ŕsï
  54. Purohita- vrittikas Ŕsï
  55. Sadharana vrittikas Ŕsï
  56. Saastras adyapakas Ŕsï
  57. Sastras adhyapakas Ŕsï
  58. Samarambha Ŕsï
  59. Ugra tapasvis Ŕsï
  60. Stoka Ŕsï
  61. Spurata Ŕsï
  62. Mumuksa Ŕsï
  63. Sukumara Ŕsï
  64. Sadharana tapasvis Ŕsï

Where even the titles like Paramhamsa, Sadhu, Sanyasi, Swami, Acharya are only forming a minuscule part of the whole lineage of the enlightenment process. Most of Ŕsï’s were having family, and rarely follow the path of Brahmacharya as known today of remaining celibates or hiding the facts that they are married.

~Maitreya Rudrabhayananda


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