10 Tips To Rise Above the Negativity Of Campaign Season…

10 Tips To Rise Above the Negativity Of Campaign Season

Keep it Kind

When campaign craziness begins, many of us fall victim to heightened emotion and negativity—it’s inevitable.

Our airways are filled with campaign rhetoric and unrealistic promises for change, cultivating uneasiness, frustration, and in some extreme cases, anger.

Whether you are a staunch supporter of one party and/or candidate or you are impartial, we can all agree that we belong to the bigger “party”: humankind.

Wikipedia defines a political party as a group of people who come together to contest elections and hold power in the government.

They agree on some policies and programs for the society with a view to promote the collective good.

In promoting the “collective good,” the terms collective and good must be defined in order to cultivate kindness. Collectively, we must strive to find common ground through the exchange of ideas, and we must agree to disagree at times, understanding that campaigning magnifies differences of opinion.

Such differences are important and challenge us to seek further knowledge on a particular subject. You have a choice.

You can spotlight the differences and further divide yourself from the opposing party and its supporters, or you can focus on the “collective” bigger picture “party.”

The latter creates tolerance of opposing viewpoints and often turns competition into cooperation through awareness.

There is simplicity in defining the term good.

Words such as favorable, sound, admirable, commendable, and pleasing illustrate the power in the word. Seeking what’s best for some can lead to a collective good for all when we remain open and free from judgment.

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10 Tips for Keeping it Kind

  1. Let it go… Do not take political rhetoric personally. Recognize the process and celebrate the differences.
  2. Stay mindful of your feelings and thoughts, and draw your awareness to the “bigger picture.”
  3. Have a sense of humor! Campaigns attract many characters. You are bound to find some humor as a result… Lighten up and laugh a little.
  4. Be curious. Learn about policies, processes, and the people who support them.
  5. Focus on common ground… and the common good
  6. Perspective, perspective, perspective.
  7. Practice meditation. It lessons worry, anxiety, and impulsivity. It also improves resilience against adversity, increases optimism and awareness, and increases information processing.
  8. Be aware of your level of attachment to a particular candidate, campaign promise, or party.
  9. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Your candidate/party may win or lose, but one thing remains constant: The day after the election, win or lose, life goes on.
  10. You have a choice. You have free will. Exercise it! Get out there and vote.



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