Right Position For Placing Lakshmi Ganesh Idols…

Right Position For Placing Lakshmi Ganesh Idols

Whenever you think to place god idols in your home, offices, and temples one thing must come in mind that what is the Right position for placing Lakshmi Ganesh Idol. Such in manner that can bring luck and prosperity in life.

So here are the answer in this blog, we tell you the right position for placing a marble god idol according to Vastu.

India is a place of variety, a place of culture, a place of heritage and a place of God. Here you will find people from diverse traditions celebrating different festivals with signified stories behind it. Every story and every tradition has its importance and the positive effect that is helping people to lead a positive and productive life.

In Hindu mythology, there are around 33 billion Gods that are worshiped but the first God we pray is Lord Ganesha. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, considered one of the smartest, kindest and purest.

Above all the God we worship him first because he got a Vardhan from his parents for his wisdom and truest belief. Firstly, everyone should know we worship Lord Ganesha with Goddess Laxmi especially on the eve of Diwali. Like every festival Diwali also holds the spiritual meaning – the victory of good over evil and killing the darkness with the light.

In Diwali, we begin the pooja from Ganesh Laxmi murti not only in houses but also in workplaces to attract success and prosperity in both the places. People should Lord Ganesha be considered the God of wisdom and Goddess Laxmi is the goddess of wealth. They both are worshiped together to bring wealth with wisdom because wealth will not stay without wisdom.

If you are worshipping Laxmi Ganesh idol for the first time then you should know the following things.

Meaning of Directions

We know to get desired results one has to follow set rules or steps to make God happy and to get your wealth in the right direction with your wisdom; you should place the idol in the right place. If mistakenly or intentionally, you have kept the murti in the wrong place it will have a wrong impact in life.

Placing of Idols

Every God has to be placed according to the prescribed description including Radha Krishna idol, Shiva-Parvati idol or Laxmi Ganesh Idol. The correct direction to place idols or have pooja ghar will be a northeastern corner or the Ishan corner. If in any case, the northeastern corner is unavailable, place them in a way that idols face west or north direction. Another thing to keep in mind – keep the idols in a selected direction properly viewable.

The additional thing everyone should remember is Lord Ganesha should be placed on the left side of Goddess Laxmi that makes Goddess Laxmi on the right side. The idols should be in a sitting position as it holds the significance of good omen.

The mandir or pooja ghar where deities are placed should always be in the east-west direction in the north-east corner so that the worshipper can face either east or west. According to Hindu beliefs, Laxmi sitting on kamalasana is considered as the best posture that brings stability and growth. Any mistake may reflect in bad omen or luck.

What not to do?

Other than knowing what to do, keep these points in mind that should not be practiced at any cost.

1. Never place the idols of Gods and Goddess under the stairway of the house, no matter whatever the reasons are, you have to follow vastu and place the idols above us and not below us.

2. Do not keep the idols or have your pooja room near, above, and below, opposite or adjacent to the bathroom or toilets. These kinds of wrong placing attract negative energies and negative impacts on every good decision.

3. It is not suggested to place Ganesh Laxmi idols or pooja ghar in the bedroom. If there are no options then it is acceptable that too kept in the north-eastern corner and when you sleep don’t point the legs towards the idols.

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