How To Choose The Right Music For Your Conscience…

How To Choose The Right Music For Your Conscience


Three Levels of Music:

Since the early days of humanity, music has served as a stimulant for either the physical, emotional, or spiritual state of men.

It has created cultural revolutions and made us who we are.

Here’s the breakdown of how to use music to benefit us on a deeper level.

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1. Physical:

We can observe music that is capable to stimulate the physical /moving part of men.

For example: music to make the warrior be ready for war –

2. Emotional:

Music that influences the emotional level of a human being, that would make one more ready to act on the relationship level (with another or many others) – 

3. Spiritual:

Music that raises one’s spiritual level.

These three levels can be divided into two levels each:

Instinctive/Moving Erotic music would be different from dance music.

Emotional category Miss you music is notably different from compassion music

Spiritual music – Similar to the emotional category, Spiritual music could be more on the level of excitement, ecstasy, or in contrast on the contemplation, or meditation level.

Do we let our inner state choose the music or do we choose the music to create the inner state we want?

If we observe ourselves, we can clearly see that our inner state (longing, happiness, anger…) is created in us non-voluntarily and usually unwillingly by the random situation we are part of.

Speaking of music in our life, if we look honestly and carefully to the way we choose music in different situations, we will usually see that we look for music that will reflect our inner state.

However, by choosing our music more consciously, we can gain better control of our inner world.

Intentional Choices

We are all familiar with romantic music, erotic music, aerobic or relaxing music that can be intentionally chosen.

But do we also know how to choose music that will help us be ready for a job interview, a business meeting, homework, and painting?

More importantly, how often do we make the effort to choose music to help us go beyond our daily matters, to our spiritual higher level?

The keyword here is effort.

It is only by effort that one will behave less mechanical.

It is only by more effort that one will raise to a higher level of being.

Listening to the right music that evokes one’s spiritual state is making the effort to go beyond the resistance of the daily grind and devote attention to the higher mysteries that a well-educated composer knows to unfold in his music.

If one uses music to support both his physical, emotional, and spiritual level, one uses music to its full potential.

One uses himself to his full potential.


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