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What is responsibility and are you being 100% responsible for every action you take and result you get? It is hard sometimes for many of us to look in the mirror and accept total responsibility for our circumstances. Do we even know it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves? Are we too dependant on others and blaming others for our results? Have you said to someone else “you made me do it” or “You made me upset”, or “ I did this or that because of you”? etc… I am sure you have at some point and perhaps you continue to do so.

In this blog I am sharing some insights from a study I am doing on human behaviour and taking responsibility in life. This I know will serve you and I am here to help you. I will share some links at the bottom and hope to connect with you soon.

Responsibility is a choice and also the key to freedom! You as a human being have the gift of intellectual faculties that if you know what they are and how to use them, you can make your life exactly how you want it to be by taking total responsibility for every action you take.

Blaming others for your results and actions causes you to remain bound in a prison of your own making. When you take responsibility, blame is eliminated and you are free to grow, expand in self awareness and become the captain of your own ship, your ship being your whole body mind and soul. This is the way to truly know whom you really are! When you always blame other people or circumstances for the not so good results you are getting, you are in a mental state that feels like a prison and this can cause serious problems for your future and your health!

When you refuse to take responsibility for your own life you are rejecting your own uniqueness and turning all of your power to other people and situations. “Liberty means responsibility”.

I have created a wonderful program in which I teach, guide and help clients create the life they want, achieve personal success, properly use the intellectual faculties and release emotions and habits that no longer serve them/you. So, start investing in yourself and your future, because it is your responsibility to do so, no one else’s. This program helped me so much, yes, me, because everything I do and teach I have done for myself. And when I started being responsible for my decisions and my life and stopped blaming others for my so called problems and misfortune…. that’s when everything changed :).

Contact me and we will talk. I want you to be happy and succeed because if you do, we all do.

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