Reset, Renewal, And Hope For A Heartfelt New Beginning With The New Moon In Aries…

Reset, Renewal, And Hope For A Heartfelt New Beginning With The New Moon In Aries

The next New Moon in Aries on March 24th is about to reset, renewal, and new beginnings.

Maybe, like never before, we are witnessing a reality that is transforming the world before our eyes, as we have entered a portal of the unknown, with unfolding changes ahead of us.

Secretly we hope there is no going back; we hope we learn from this experience and start to respect life in all its aspects.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, it is the I AM, the Self manifested in the matter, it helps us to remember our identity; it wants to keep reminding us that we are sovereign beings, it represents the spirit that has come into evolution.

This is a karmic period and you need to know your desires and judgments since what you are thinking will manifest. Understand that every thought or wish is important and needs to be understood and cultivated. Think consciously because conscious living creates confidence.

What do you choose to take control of?

The recent coronavirus pandemic has forced us to “pause”, giving us the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, forced to step out of constantly chasing false needs, feeding a societal structure that has very little “human” in it.

To conform to a lifestyle that we don’t really choose is a form of collective victimizing. With Charon in conjunction with the Sun and the Moon, healing the wounds of the victim in us, we are experiencing a great sense of positivity that comes from the inner need for deep healing, the ability to create uplifting energy and the positivity that comes with it.

Charon is bringing confidence to that part of us that has believed in the control exercised by fear and allowing us to be stopped by the feelings of being trapped and limited in our choices.

Aries is about independence, self-sovereignty, and setting yourself up to achieve your goals without doubts and distractions; it is the original thought that finds the way to achieve what it wants and follows the light of the star inside its ideals.

This New Moon comes right after the spring equinox which is when anything new is initiated, things are balanced out, a new era starts. This is the right time to follow your desires of being free and not giving your power away.

The wave of solar energy is entering our being and awakens the seeds underground. Life begins to bubble, and it’s, literally, raising our subconscious into awareness.

What we can finally choose is to be cautious and safe and not to engage in fear. Fear and anxiety have been the emotional pandemic that has kept us, hostages, for centuries!

Aries doesn’t give up, doesn’t believe in the word “impossible” and always looks for the positive in every situation, and applies what works for the circumstances. While the coronavirus pandemic feels scary and painful, it is clearly a wake-up call, a massive healing crisis; just what humanity needed to get back to what’s essential, to be allowed to slow down without being labeled lazy, depressed, or a loser.

At this time of public confinement, we can use the qualities of Charon, the sacred healer, in conjunction with Aries; compassion and connection, to focus on fortifying our immune system, eating healthier, and being interested in other’s well being.

Also, Mars ruling Aries’s vigorous ambition can awaken our inner warrior and inner strength to cultivate the assertiveness necessary to contribute with our choices to the changes that we want to see from now on.

Supported by Jupiter, the planet of joy and expansion, and Pluto, the planet of empowerment and transformation, we can focus straight to the core of what we need, with a burst of confidence.

Faith and trust are fundamental to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can definitely use the energy of the Sun and Moon in Aries, which with its positive unstoppable masculine force, independent and free, to launch our confidence and courage, and give us a clear direction for a strong fresh start.

To feel and cultivate the underground energies that support this time of crises, look for opportunities to virtually connect with likeminded people, relax in the space of the heart, and make sure you feel nurtured and cared for. It’s important to find ways to give and receive support at this time of uncertainty. We need each other, and now more than ever we can show up and hold the light of hope and compassion for each other.


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