Removes Toxins From The Body, Benefits For Spine And Waist…

Removes Toxins From The Body, Benefits For Spine And Waist

Yoga Asanas are very beneficial for our body in terms of health. These yoga asanas have been practised for thousands of years in the Indian wisdom tradition for physical and spiritual benefits. Many yoga asanas are so powerful that they remove all the impurities and diseases from the body. One such yogasana is Marichyasana. With the help of Marichyasana, you can easily remove the toxic substances present in the body. Apart from this, this yoga asana is also beneficial for the spine and waist. Let us tell you how to do this yoga asana.

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Do Marichyasana like this

First of all, sit straight on a mat on the ground. Your both feet should be adjacent to the front. Keep both hands at the side and keep your head and waist straight. Now bend one leg upwards, in this position the knee of your bent leg should touch the chest. The other leg should be straight. Then with pressure, move the upper part of your waist in the opposite direction of the bent leg. Grab the bent leg with both hands. And take a deep breath and stay in this position for a minute. Repeat this position 4-5 times. Now repeat this action with the other leg as well.

Toxin of the body will come out:

The toxins of the body come out by the practice of Marichyasana. Toxins are toxic substances that accumulate in the body through food. If your health is often bad or you have restlessness and discomfort all the time, then the reason for this may be toxins present in the body. To keep the body fit and protect it from diseases, it is necessary that the toxins present inside the body keep coming out. Actually, toxins accumulate in our body due to pollution and other unfavorable elements present in air, water and food, they are like poison. When these toxins get deposited in our liver, they make the skin lifeless, do not let you sleep and feel tired all the time.

Marichyasana is beneficial in back pain

Marichyasana not only removes back pain but it is also beneficial for other problems of the body. This asana is more effective than any painkiller and gives instant relief. It also calms the mind so that there is no tension. With its regular practice, the back becomes strong and the problem of back pain goes away forever. The name of this asana is derived from the name of a monk named Marichi, which means ray of light.

Other benefits of Marichyasana:

  • With the regular practice of Marichyasana, the toxins present in your body are flushed out through stool, urine and sweat.
  • This strengthens the muscles of the spine and waist.
  • Stretches and strengthens the muscles of the hands.
  • This strengthens the digestive system, it also removes other digestive problems. Women get rid of menstrual problems and pain with this easy. It keeps the mind calm and also relieves stress.


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