The 5 Quickest & Easiest Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home…

The 5 Quickest & Easiest Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

Do you love coming home, or dread it? When you think about your home, what do you feel? These are important questions; after all, you live there for a big chunk of your life. Making your home a restful spot should be a top priority because it will allow you to collect your thoughts and relax. If you feel like you’re walking into a jail cell or a land of chaos, it’s going to be hard for you to feel productive or healthy. This small list is an easy way to get started, and remove any stale energy that may be holding you back!

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1) Have specific spaces for specific purposes

Everything we do produces specific vibrations. This is why it’s important to separate your living situation based on daily activities. For instance, your bedroom is for sleeping and intimacy, so remove anything that distracts from this intention- like desks, televisions, or non-sleep related items. If you have a small space, consider using different corners for different things, like a corner for meditation or journaling.

2) Burn healing herbs

Traditionally, herbs such as incense and sage were used to energetically clean a space before moving in, or during rituals. Turns out sage, in particular, has impressive scientific research to back up that traditional use; it actually kills bacteria. Incense does too but has different uses based upon its ingredients and association (like with chakras).

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Burn the sage and let its purifying aroma clear your home and sacred space and uplift you.
Perfect before spiritual practices and meditation.

3) Keep it clean, keep it holy

A space doesn’t have to be spotless, but it should be relatively tidy. Keeping dirty dishes, laundry, or disorganized clutter everywhere can radically throw the mind into chaos. Cleanliness keeps the mind open and spacious.

4) Put plants everywhere

Scientifically speaking, human beings evolved with the earth around them. Plants, the sky, animals- all these made up ancient man’s reality. But today we are very much disconnected from that. We tend to be surrounded by artificial lighting, stale indoor air, and lots of bright screens to look at. That’s why we have to do the opposite. Putting plants in your home feeds that primal need to be in touch with nature. Not only that, but plants purify the air you breathe!

5) Throw out the old

How many pieces of clothing do you own that you haven’t worn in years? What furniture do you hardly ever use? It’s literally just taking up space for no reason. Donate those clothes! Rearrange the furniture! You will see the energy in your house take on a completely different feeling.


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