Reminder: Upgrade Your Filters…

Reminder: Upgrade Your Filters

The subconscious mind is a powerful force. Most of the foundational thoughts and beliefs and paradigms through which we view the world today are formed in early adolescence, by the age of seven. SEVEN!!! That means that so many of the rules by which you are living your life are based on information you received when you were too young to fully comprehend it. As adults, we are still driven by these lessons we learned and decisions we unconsciously made at the very beginning of our lives. Perhaps it might be helpful to revisit some of these messages now that we are grown?

These subconscious foundational beliefs become the filters that we use to process stimulus and information, and how we ascribe meaning to what we find there. These filters might be labeled as right vs. wrong, good vs. bad, the way things *should* be, the different identities and roles you play out in different contexts, rose-colored glasses, victimhood, living in survival mode, habitually entertaining the worst-case-scenario, struggle, abundance, catastrophizing…The list could go on and on.

We’re constantly filtering through our filters, and we use that filtered information to make decisions based on those filters, and then take the results and re-cycle them through our existing filters. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Where do you interrupt that process?

The filters in your furnace are changed regularly to ensure that your family is breathing in fresh, clean air. The filters in your vehicle are exchanged for new ones when the buildup of particles inhibits the ability of the filter to do its job. You run your coffee through a filter every morning to ensure you get only the drinkable parts. Why wouldn’t you want to evaluate and switch out your own internal filters to ensure that the cleanest, freshest, purest, and most delicious parts are the ones to make it through into your life?

Filters are devices meant to allow some matter to pass through, but not all matter to pass through. 

It’s difficult to solve a problem with the same type of thinking that created it. 

What if the piece of information or the insight needed to solve your problem or create the change you desire are being eliminated through your filter? You won’t be able to create something new without updating/changing/removing the filter and replacing it with one that filters for what you desire.

Filters in photography are used to change the light so the appearance of the final product looks a certain way. Our filters can help us to see our end results in a specific type of light. Are your filters creating beautiful art that you relish in or works of scrutiny where you only see the faults and flaws?

Coaching, therapy, mentorship, or any type of relationship that allows an outside, trusted observer to show you your filters and support you to update them to new ones, is a beautiful opportunity to create lasting and authentic change. If you let someone into your world, chances are that they’ll help you to make it much brighter and more beautiful.


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Kacey Kingry


Kacey is a life coach and a yoga teacher. She uses the ancient wisdom of yoga to coach her clients…

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