Remember The Sunsets

So often we look at death as tragic, as a definite ending, an unbearably sad period of time we all reluctantly accept as inevitable.

But whether it is quick and sudden, or slow and painful, think of the sunset.

The last moments a person has on this earth is their sunset.

Their moment to shine before finality.

Whether you are paying attention, or not, the sunset goes to rest everyday and the nighttime takes over.

If you’re lucky enough, you’re on a beach, or on top of a mountain, sitting at ease while you watch the sun slowly sink into the earth. Cherish this privilege.

Because more often than not you’re driving in your car, on your way home from work, or sitting at the office longing to be somewhere else, or the overcast is so heavy, you don’t see the sun retire for the night.

In these moments remind yourself of the beauty that surrounds you, everyday, unfailingly, the sun sets and creates a beautiful exit whether you are paying attention or not.

If you are lucky enough to be apart of someone’s sunset, cherish it, hold onto its beauty, and know that with every sunset comes a dark period, that’s a guarantee.

But with every dark period comes a sunrise, that is equally as reliable as the darkness.

If you’re not lucky enough to witness someone’s sunset, maybe it came on quietly and you didn’t stop to recognize it, or the daylight was abruptly halted by the nightfall, then take comfort in the fact that even if you did not get to witness it for your own eyes, there was a beautiful sunset and let it bring comfort to you to know that with all darkness, the light is sure to rise again.


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