9 Ways To Release Old Wounds And Create Space For Positive Energy…

9 Ways To Release Old Wounds And Create Space For Positive Energy

Our nation and the world have been impacted by unexpected trauma and change. One of the biggest blocks of focus and energy can be in holding on to hurts and slights that you have done to others. If you are looking for ways to release toxic energy, and open your flow by at least 10% or more, here are 9 approaches you can start with today.

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9 ways to release toxic energy

  1. Be gentle with yourself. Embrace and understand that life as you knew it has changed and that business, as usual, is unrealistic. Avoid placing unhealthy expectations on yourself and/or others.
  2. Celebrate the wins. Each day is an opportunity for you to do the best you can. Focus on doing the next right thing, whatever that means for you.
  3. Choose the mindset you want to be in. We are not ignoring or denying the real challenges many people are facing. However, if we choose to practice gratitude and look for the things we can be grateful for each day, it will enhance our overall outlook and well-being. There is no evidence that being negative is helpful. In fact, it weakens our immune system daily.
  4. Monitor and manage the content you consume. It’s easy to get wrapped into the news cycle, or communication cycle of what is going on nonstop. Reduce your intake of media; and avoid spreading negative content to family and friends on Whatsapp, text or email. Choose to spread positive energy.
  5. Reflect on the most difficult obstacles you faced in your life. Think about what you did specifically to get through. Who did you become in order to persevere? Channel that inner fortitude as you embrace your day. You are a warrior and the human spirit can sometimes get weary, but you are resilient and will get through this.
  6. Be of service. No matter how small the act is, when we perform acts of service by checking in on others, donating to someone in need (clothes, food, money), it helps us to boost our outlook on life because we are taking part in a global human need of connection.
  7. Forgive yourself, and others. Un-forgiveness takes up space in our hearts, mind, and body. It is a weight that weakens our immune system. Think about those people you need to forgive and forgive them. Think about those that need to forgive you, and ask for it.
  8. Seek professional support. As a professional coach, many clients come to me to accelerate the process of achieving their goals, to increase self-awareness and ways they are holding themselves back. On occasion, past traumas and hurt arise which can be dealt with in a gradual way. The current crisis didn’t allow for a gradual embracing of change and because it came on so suddenly, it can be overwhelming and confusing to think things through clearly. Get an outside, supportive counsel in your corner.
  9. Connect to your spiritual source. Emotional intelligence research shows us that regular practice of compassion, mindfulness, and prayer to a loving God activates the system of renewal. Don’t forget who you are and whose you are.


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