Release Karma, Allow Closure And Resolutions With The Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon In Scorpio…

Release Karma, Allow Closure And Resolutions With The Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon In Scorpio

A partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio on Tuesday, October 25th, 2022, with the New Moon and the Sun conjunct with Venus, will create a vulnerable, mysterious, and intimate whirlwind of emotions.

New Moons set the stage for new beginnings, with new intentions and seeds to be planted. However, the New Moon in Scorpio opens a different kind of renewal by revealing the shadow around relationships, trust, and emotional healing.

Think big and large, outside the present and visible parameters!

Honor this Eclipse, and take action by setting your intention to release karmas, attachments, and traumas. This Eclipse is close to the South Node, which means it works in favor of closure, letting go, and resolutions.

Remember that the intensity of the feelings that will show up during this time is part of the deepest fabric of emotions and shadow self, seeded inside you. They have marked the frequency you live in, affecting the outcome of your life efforts, the quality of your love relationships, the level of struggles you have been facing, and even the ability to manifest flow into your life.

I was born in the womb of a New Moon in Scorpio. I am very familiar with the dark waters of the Scorpio realms, deeply entangled in the womb of the New Moon to be processed and released. The light of the Solar Eclipse will amplify the New Moon’s power to pull up our shadows to transform them into the light.

The New Moon in Scorpio is starting an intense period of revelations where the bigger picture of social structure will be revisited and reconsidered. The ancient people feared solar Eclipses because they would likely bring re-evaluations of the status quo through revolutions and wars.

On a personal level, it’s important not to follow the heat of the moment and to keep a cautious mind during these fiery times. Be aware as the intensity of these moments may prompt a vulnerable approach as emotions, secrets, and hidden desires surface.

Allow love to govern your life in a completely new way.

Venus’s influence adds a touch of evolution around relationships, opening new ways of healing the heart. The Eclipse will bring passion and will fire up new ways to connect.


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Donatella Moltisanti


A naturally-gifted healer with a music conservatory degree in opera performance and teaching, Donatella Moltisanti is the founder of the…

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