Reiki Healing For Children – Nourish Your Child With Your Touch…

Reiki Healing For Children – Nourish Your Child With Your Touch

When babies and toddlers are exposed to Reiki, they will accept it as naturally as a fish takes to water. They are highly receptive to Reiki’s healing energies. Parents that use Reiki techniques and energy will attest to this.

The improved flow of Reiki energy will affect the children. The parents will transmit energy to their children through their palms whenever they touch them.

If the child needs some calming influence, this is the right way to do it. You can transmit the energy not only when you carry your baby, but also when you are bathing them, during diaper changes, and playtimes.

When the babies grow into toddlers and preschoolers, they will want to do the Reiki treatment, too, because they saw their parents do it. Parents are their idols; they always like to copy them. Children do what they see from their parents. If they are brought up in abusive surroundings, with yelling, fighting, cursing, they will reflect their behavior on someone weaker than them.

But what happens if children are brought up with parents who meditate and do Reiki treatments? Children would reflect that behavior and start doing what their parents do. That way, they would become more spiritually aware year after year.


Well, when a child goes to a Reiki healing treatment, it is very similar to one of the adults. There are some small differences. The main difference is the time of the treatment. A full child session will be shorter than the one of an adult.

A typical adult session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, or sometimes it may take longer. But the child, as we already said, can absorb the energy faster.

A lot of young children don’t have the emotional defenses inside them as often as adults. Also, another difference is the energy blockage. As an adult, you’ve got some clogged energy paths, but with a child, it is not like that. Furthermore, the child’s body is much smaller than an adult’s body, and that is very important.


If you are a Reiki practitioner and you have a session with toddlers, take cues from them. Listen to what they say, or look at, pay close attention to their actions. The children will give you instructions when is the perfect time to end the therapy.

Maybe, when they think it is done, they will say ‘All Done.’ Don’t worry if they become restless or anxious. It’s because they have already absorbed the energy needed.

According to the experts, only ten to fifteen minutes is all the need to absorb energy. Another exciting thing is that children may fall asleep. So, don’t be surprised.


The most beautiful thing about this treatment is that you can use it while you are pregnant. It won’t harm you, nor your baby. There are many benefits if you are receiving Reiki energy during pregnancy. The baby will be calmer, the pains would be down to a minimum, and the best part is, that even in your tummy, you and the baby will have a special bonding time.


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