Reiki – A Most Subtle Tool For Healing…

Reiki – A Most Subtle Tool For Healing

Many people have heard of Reiki [pronounced Ray-key] although most would admit to not really knowing what it is or how it works.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a vibrational energy technique for improving health and wellbeing by balancing our energy system. It is an holistic therapy which harmonises body, mind and spirit. A simple, gentle, hands-on [or off] technique is used for healing and for deep relaxation. It is non-obtrusive.

A Japanese teacher, Dr Mikao Usui, rediscovered Reiki in the mid 1800s. He found a healing system in ancient Buddhist writing and spent the later part of his life applying and teaching this knowledge. Usui Reiki is well known and widely used. The practitioner channels the Reiki energy and acts as a conduit for it to flow gently into the recipient’s body. The energy knows where it needs to go for healing. The recipient becomes deeply relaxed, often falling asleep during the session.

Who can enjoy a Reiki healing session?

Anyone can have a healing session with a practitioner and many people, who feel the benefits and understand the impact of Reiki, go on to train and become practitioners themselves.

If you would like to try a healing session try to get a recommendation from someone you know for a healer they had a good experience with. Distance Reiki healing is also a wonderful tool and it is possible to receive and send energy via this method. Reiki practitioners should have Level II accreditation in order to be able to send energy authentically.

Reiki is also very much enjoyed by animals, whether they are in need of healing or not. I was able to help my own cat on many occasions and he also enjoys me practicing on him most days. I have also, I believe successfully sent Reiki healing to family members and friends during this pandemic.

How does it compare with other healing modalities?

Well Reiki doesn’t really compare like for like but is of great benefit when used with other practices. For example, I bring Reiki energy to my yoga mat and also use it for any healing, meditation and breathwork which includes chakra, crystals and sound healing techniques.

The great thing about Reiki is that, once you have learned and been attuned at Level I, you can carry out healing on yourself every day. This may be enough for you but you can also continue through Level II, learn distance healing techniques and practice sending healing to friends and loved ones around the world, which is particularly helpful at this time. Level III/ Master level is the highest attunement and, if you want to become a Teacher and share the practice with others, you will need this.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

I thoroughly recommend Reiki as a natural and subtle form of self-healing. I practice on myself every night before sleeping and find it deeply relaxing. If I have specific areas of pain I focus my energy on it eg. a sore throat, ache or pain in the body and it is normally gone by morning. A deep connection with the energy can be felt much like when you rub your palms together briskly and then place them over your eyes or ears in yoga practice.

We really do hold everything we need within the body and mind to facilitate healing ourselves and we can always connect to universal light and other energies to help and enhance our journey of holistic healing.

To initially learn more about Reiki I recommend for the depth of information available and the opportunity to study online because this is all freely given. The opportunity to receive attunements and certification, if required, is also available at a reasonable cost.


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