Rediscovering The Past

In our world of duality, everything exists and evolves in a continuing pattern or cycle, forever flowing like the building of a wave’s crest before it falls and crashes back into its blue collective. The nature of duality exists within everything and everyone, with one never being able to exist without the other—good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark, etc.. The ultimate goal is to find the perfect balance within ourselves, forming harmony with nature. Like how each day is followed by night, the pendulum swings toward one extreme, then falls into its opposite extreme.

This is the perspective of time we have forgotten and must return to, in order to break us out of our linear mindset of time. It is within this flawed way of thinking that psychologists and scientists keep us held within, especially when it comes to our own individual growth.

When it comes to dealing with past trauma, therapists continually tell patients they “need to talk about it,” and fail to recognize how verbalizing events of the past actually further reinforces trauma in the mind. If only doctors and psychiatrists prescribed a notebook and a pen rather than a multitude of colored pills to temporarily mask the painful symptoms, and thus never healing the actual source of our pain.

Hardly enough brain power is needed when talking about past events. It’s become such a robotic form of defense, warding off any emotions that would otherwise surface. Moving a pen, however, uses the logic portion of the brain when writing out memory, shifting the emotionally incomprehensible over to a logical perspective where your words are comprehensive and right in front of you. Once a memory truly becomes comprehensible, the reality of the past event can be dealt with in a logical manner.

The more this is practiced, the more control over memory and the mind is ultimately gained. A sense of true self-actualization develops and continues to grow once a whole new perspective of yourself and the word is gained.

Why is this practice not being used within psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a suppressed science of the mind, with a one-sided mindset centered around behaviorism, with no consideration of consciousness or the soul. It possesses a built-in capacity for abuse greater than any other area of medicine. A simple diagnosis of mental illness permits the state to detain an individual against their will, and they insist on treatment in “his” or “society’s” best interest.

We are kept from returning to our previous perspective of cyclical time; kept in a trap to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over without healing and learning, thus never growing from them. Awareness and self-actualization pose a threat to their New World police state. This may be a contributing factor to all the natural disasters occurring today (that go unreported in mainstream news). Nature continues in its cyclical, or seasonal, time, yet the human collective mindset is stuck within a false sense of progressive linear time, which will eventually have to end.

If we change the human collective perspective to coincide back with nature, learning from the past (rather than erasing it), we very likely may continue on in the reemergence of another Golden Age—Heaven on Earth, paradise. Yet, the idea of paradise is only an indication of what may never be; for, the soul is constantly evolving, growing from much needed conflict. Without conflict, life becomes stagnant and dull, eventually leading down a path towards despair.

However, since we are forever changing, even this stagnation and despair must come to an end, when we would emerge better from it.


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