Redefining Your Reality

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.  ―George Bernard Shaw

Take a moment to think about patterns that exist all around you. Patterns in behaviors, in the ups and downs of life, in your routines. Think about the patterns in nature that create seasons. We know that at night it will be dark and during the day, it will be light.

When I work with people who feel blocked, I often hear things like “I used to spend time doing what I loved, creating things. Then I got busy … then I moved … then I had to …”

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, if we are not creating the things, patterns, or relationships that fulfill us, we are creating something else. Human beings are always creating, whether we like it or not. We are the sum of our patterns of behavior, be those avoidance or impulsiveness, thought or action, art or addictions.

Patterns of worry, anger, procrastination, and self-pity can be replaced by patterns that empower and uplift us if dedicate ourselves to positive output. Let’s redirect all the energy it takes to talk ourselves out of things, to make excuses or beat ourselves up.

Let’s, as Neil Gaimain suggests, “Make Good Art.” I suggest beginning by asking yourself two simple questions. Make a study of you.

Self Study Question #1: What have I created in my life?

I suggest writing your answer in longhand, spending at least five minutes with the pen to page. Then take a break and imagine with me.

Imagine you woke up in bed, only you were facing the opposite direction. You took a cold shower instead of a warm one. You wore the outfit that normally sits in the back of your closet waiting for the right occasion. You drank water instead of coffee, or tea instead of a protein shake. Instead of driving to work, you drive the opposite way.

How does this make you feel? Can you even visualize it?

For some of us, mixing up routine and finding something new is a requirement. We need to change everything every few years in order to feel sane and well. For others, our routines are comfortable. Predictability is the one thing we can count on.

But what if we could create the patterns that would bring us the most harmony and peace?

Let’s dive a little deeper, and just think about how things are different than they once were, and how they are similar. The more similar they are, the deeper the patterns. This should be information you can use.

Self Study Question #2: What would I like to create?

This one takes time to answer for many of us, but with a little conscious reflection, we can create an entirely different reality.

It all begins with a new way of thinking. So take a look around. Enjoy your life in new ways. Sit in a different chair, enjoy a different meal. See what happens

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