13 Reasons You Should Date A Buddhist…

13 Reasons You Should Date A Buddhist

Date a Buddhist? Great Idea!

Maybe you’re tired of dating the same types of people over and over again. Well, if that’s the case, I’d like to suggest something you may not have thought about: a Buddhist. Buddhists are down to earth, real, and strong. And as you’re about to find out, they make wonderful partners…

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Their friends are rad

True Buddhists surround themselves with people that lift them up and inspire them to be their best. No drama, either; they’re down to earth and really interested to meet you. After all, you make her happy, so why wouldn’t they be curious about you?

They’re not afraid to be different

A Buddhist knows what it’s like to be different. After all, most people in the west are Christian, and Buddhists stick out. They don’t stay in the bars until 3am, they don’t do drugs, and they’re totally fine spending time alone. They practice calmness in every aspect, so they have no fear of pursuing their own path.

Not a possessive person

It would hard to peg a practicing Buddhist as possessive. Balance is key to a Buddhist, and they have their own stuff to deal with. The spiritual path is singular…not partnered. They recognize that you must find your own way, and they must as well.

Ethics are everything

Unlike some people you may have dated, a Buddhist has a strong moral code. You’ll never have to worry about them going behind your back, being rude around your friends, lying about her real feelings.

They probably practice yoga

The mindful practice of yoga is something a Buddhist can definitely get down with. After all, they love to be balanced, and working out is part of taking care of the body. It has to be done! This means they’re in good shape.

They know consistency makes the relationship

Buddhists meditate and chant everyday. They know their practice gets better the more they do it. They also realize it’s the same with their relationships. The more consistent effort they put in, the better chance it will have to be successful.

7) They know what it’s like to go through rough times

People (usually) don’t come to a spiritual path like Buddhism unless they have a reason to. And that reason is hardship. When a person is in need of real guidance in their lives, they turn to something like Buddhism so that they find themselves. This gives them lots of good perspective for hard times, and patience that can you two together.

They’re not perfect, and they don’t care

Buddhism teaches perfection is impossible to achieve in this world. That means they’re not perfect, and neither are you. They value what they have, not what they don’t, and that makes them strong. This translates well into a relationship because it allows them to be realistic and vulnerable.

Drama isn’t a thing

Buddhists except things for what they are, not what they will be. They’re not looking to change people, just to understand them. But if something’s not working, they’ll let you know.

Smiles are plentiful

True spirituality gives a radiance all it’s own, and it shows. When your partner practices the teachings of Buddha, they can’t help but be happy; and by extension, this makes you happy too.

Independence makes everything better

In order to have a loving relationship, each person must have their own inner understanding. A Buddhist knows that peace and happiness come from within, and doesn’t put it on you to make them feel good all the time. That’s a good thing! It’s nearly impossible to be solely responsible for another person’s fulfillment.

They’re well read

Your partner loves to learn and read, because they believe in pursuing truth in all its aspects. Often, they can be found reading something interesting on science or religion, or educating themselves on eastern philosophy. This makes for the best conversations!

They know how to deal with problems

Most people react with anger or intense emotions in difficult situations. But Buddhists have a different approach. They look at challenges as a way to bring out their best side, and react with calmness. Arguments are so much easier!


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