Ready To Hear The Truth? What You Need To Know About The Full Moon In Gemini…

Ready To Hear The Truth? What You Need To Know About The Full Moon In Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini means what? No, really, what does it mean? I need details.

If you’re familiar with the energy of Gemini, you’ll know that it’s an airy sign, ruled by inquisitive, talkative and very quickly moving Mercury.

Gemini wants to know things, it wants to connect with other people by holding conversations and asking questions and when it comes to emotions, it doesn’t want to feel them, it wants to think about them.

We have a full Moon in Gemini December 3rd of 2017. So, while last month’s full Moon in watery Scorpio had us feeling the hell out of all of our emotions, this full Moon wants to glaze over those pesky things and talk about something else. Something more interesting, fun and compelling.

Meanwhile, across the sky from this sociable and somewhat scattered Moon, we have the Sun in adventurous and outspoken Sagittarius. The Sun points to our ego (rather than our emotions) and fiery Sagittarius has deep joy for things like belief systems and fanatical viewpoints.

One of the shadow sides of all of this Sagittarius confidence is that when we wholeheartedly agree with ideologies or moral values, we can get pretty damn self-righteous about it. Sagittarius can be unwilling to see that shadow, making it easy for us to get carried away in the excitement of what we personally believe to be true, even if it isn’t accurate.

Gemini can get carried away too, but in a different way. The Moon in Gemini is also opinionated and flexible about what it says and believes. But while Sagittarius prefers greater, “worldly” (and sometime dogmatic) truths, Gemini is more concerned with the smaller, more immediate story, and can be a little bendy with the details, especially if a few tiny white lies would appear to benefit all involved.

So, this Sun/Moon opposition brings in a bit of a dispute here regarding the truth; both in the ways we interpret it, and the ways in which we communicate it.

Add to that, Neptune is making an edgy aspect to both the Sun and Moon and when Neptune is uncomfortable (which he is here), he defends himself by being opaque, confusing and slippery. If you’re familiar with the psychological term “gas lighting”, then imagine Neptune here as the ultimate Gas Lighter. Aka: If you’re not paying attention, you may find yourself the victim (or the perpetrator) of some falsifications or double dealings.

Now Neptune isn’t all bad in this lineup, because he’s also in a trine to Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius). Jupiter on a good day brings luck, optimism and a deeper, more tolerant understanding to those very same belief systems we talked about earlier (and a trine is definitely the equivalent of a “good day”). So as long as you don’t find yourself getting caught up in the potential illusions and deceit that Neptune squaring the Sun and Moon can bring, you may just be able to use this whole planetary alignment to access some Truth with a capital T.

As we all know, once we clear away the sanctimony, and the people pleasing, and discharge the doubt that all of the above brings to the table, the ability to connect in with, and communicate our very own, precious Truth with a capital T, is what the whole game is about.

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