Raja Yoga: The Eight Limbs Of Yoga…

Raja Yoga: The Eight Limbs Of Yoga

The whole aim of yoga is to reunite with the divine consciousness: absolute perfection, which is our original state. Traditionally there are 4 Yoga paths to achieve this goal and Raja Yoga is one of those.

Sage Patanjali around 400 B.C. developed this path in his text the Yoga Sutras. He methodically divides the practice in Eight limbs of Yoga that should be followed to live a balanced and ethical life and ultimately attain a higher consciousness.

Raja Yoga involves 3 main dimensions: physical, mental and spiritual. Through its methods one attains mastery of them all, that in turn lead to a full realization of the Self. This Yoga Path suits those who are skeptical of the religions but wander in a more spiritual path.

Each of these limbs is mentioned next:

1: Yama-The universal code of conduct.

2: Niyama-Personal code of conduct.

3: Asanas-Postures.

4:Pranayama-Expansion of life force.

5:Pratyahara-Withdrawal of the senses.

6: Dharana-Concentration.


8-Samadhi-Union and bliss.

If you want a more detailed explanation explore this article.


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