The Rainbow Family Of Living Light…

The Rainbow Family Of Living Light


“WELCOME!” That was our warm greeting when we arrived at the Spanish Rainbow Gathering in Pyrenees.

The Rainbow Family of Living Light, an informal organization for anyone interested in alternative living, whose only rule is “PEACEFUL RESPECT,” held a European Rainbow Gathering in the magic mountains of the Sierra de Guara natural park in the north of Spain.

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Home of Subcultures

Rainbow Gatherings take place for at least one moon cycle every year in nature to love, create, teach, discover, dance, meditate, play music celebrating love, equality, and tolerance.

We found people from all walks of life celebrating diversity, uniting individuals of all cultures, creeds and nations. Today, Rainbow has become the point of convergence for a multitude of different subcultures.

No Leaders, no Judgement

The “Seed Camp” takes place one month before the Gathering where areas are built such as the Main Circle with its “Sacred Fire” (a central location for the two daily meals, celebrations, music and ceremonies), the Main Kitchen, etc.

Everyone is expected to take communal responsibility. If you want to share a workshop, do it. All decisions are made upon consensus. There’s also no money here: Rainbow is a sharing economy in practice. “The Magic Hat” is a special system to collect communal funds to buy food for the whole Gathering.

Rainbow has no leaders. All ideologies and beliefs coexist in harmony. Being naked is equally welcome. There is no judgement.

We are One

It’s about reconnecting with Mother Earth, living in and caring for nature, personal growth through spiritual practice and the expression of life as art. It’s about the freedom of each and the unity of all. It’s about sharing. It is the literal belief that we all, brothers and sisters, are one. Rainbow gives birth to a new narrative where imagination has free reign. Everyone is an artist, a sculptor of reality. This coming into awareness can be a transformational process, or healing. We get together to heal the planet and ourselves.

An Enriching Experience

Rainbow Gatherings are all at once an event, a process, an experiment, a way of life and a state of mind. Rainbow has to be experienced to create new visions, possibilities and values.

We live in the age of the Internet. Wherever we go on the planet, we need to have Internet. But we also need to rediscover our “Inner-net” connection.

We met lovely people, spent a pleasant time chatting spontaneously with brothers and sisters in a mixture of Spanish and English. We shared the experience of basic pleasures of life in the scene of nature: the light blue sky, the small heavy and dense clouds, smells of the forest, the sounds of the birds singing and the clean wind and specially the shooting stars.


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Marta Sainz

Marta Sainz was raised in Zaragoza but originally born in Añavieja, a remote village which belongs to Castilruiz, a municipality in the province of Soria, Spain. She's passionate about raising and teaching children emotional balance, and life skills.

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