Radical-Resolutions: A New Year’s Resolution Theory For 2020…

Radical-Resolutions: A New Year’s Resolution Theory For 2020

Every year many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. And then, it is all too common to joke about how we “break” them. I have an idea about how to avoid this scenario. No, it is not to avoid making resolutions, and it is not just to make a stronger promise; it is to understand the meaning of resolution.

If we think of the word resolution as a “process of resolving, the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones, a dramatic complication worked out,” and lastly for you musicians out there…”dissonance to consonance,” you might notice that it seems to suggest deeper understanding.

I would like to suggest that resolutions are not just about a pledge to “do good” or to “be better.” Yes, you may want to lose weight, quit smoking, give up addictions, purify your way of relating, deepen your commitments, spruce up your habits, and change your ways…but does that happen just through making the “vow?” Maybe it takes a more Avant-Garde approach…a Radical-Resolution approach.

Perhaps it implies therapeutic analysis, deep mindful exploration, even an insightful search into the why as much as the how. Concerning most obstacles in life, I believe our soulful journey is revealed by repetitive challenges that are waiting for (may I say) resolution!

What is the meaning of this? is one of my favorite questions. If you were the hero or heroine in a novel about your life, what would the protagonist’s quest be…and how would it be resolved? No doubt it would take more than just a hasty promise.

So, if you really want to make a New Year’s Resolution stick, allow yourself:

• A deeper introspection

• More contemplative time

• An easy compassion for your own well-being

• A chance to widen your perspective

• The opportunity to “Be very patient” with yourself

• An attitude of…Do not abandon yourself…especially in meditation

• Seek others on the journey

• Share your insights and vulnerability

• Find creative ways to understand yourself through the arts

• Reach out to others in need

Whatever way you do that, enjoy the process. Savor the practice and see what arises. Give the passage of time the opportunity to heal all wounds.

It just might result in a positive easy change of ways.

Then your New Year’s Resolution might even last all year!

I am sending you warm wishes for a Healthy, Peaceful, Joyful, Insightful, and very Happy New Year filled with Love.


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