Radical Acceptance: Unlock Yourself…

Radical Acceptance: Unlock Yourself

We all struggle when we do not accept what is. Within ourselves, others, and the events and experiences in our lives.

No matter how horrific, unjust, it may be, it is only through acceptance of the truth/reality that we can ever fully heal. Even small events can get stuck and take us off course. We have the tendency to not accept this simply because it is not what was planned or wanted. Whether we worked long and hard for something or not, doesn’t matter. It also doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong. Put simply, it just is.

Acceptance is not ‘giving in’. Acceptance actually frees us to fully embrace what’s possible, to what comes next. By moving through with loving-kindness and authenticity. Accept all truth and reality by letting go of the past through patience, and, positive and proactive actions, thoughts, and communication.

Are you ready to accept this key to unlock yourself?


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LOVE-LEAD-PLAY is guided by the 3 key principles of AUTHENTICITY: LOVE > Compassion – Forgiveness LEAD > Courage – Vulnerability…

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