Quarantine Time

A year ago, a close call brought us face to face with mortality.  Our dear cat Chai had her first blood clot and my husband and I were given the news of her kidney failure.

“We caught it in time” the vet said trying to cheer my tears away.

When the time comes, she will give up the urge to eat and drink, was one of the new lifestyle changes they explained.

I remember bringing her home and my husband immediately went out to buy her the necessary items, like a crate for our groggy girl to rest in, ramps were built and steps were placed by the bed as getting up and down became increasingly difficult.

When quarantine hit, there were trips that had to be cancelled but we didn’t let it deter our spirit.

The evenings were spent cuddling with our “bear” and three other cats while watching nature and travel documentaries.

We spent weekends with friends on Zoom and Chai was in the front row of the late night dancing.

Memorial Day weekend, we set up the cameras and lights outside. Huddled in blankets Chai cuddled with me late into the night.

Then in the early Monday morning, she looked into my eyes while we held her, and said goodbye.

Each day I now go up to the dogwood tree we planted with Chai, prayer flags dance in the breeze, and I tell her how much I love and miss her.

I think about pets who become lost, whose owners are never given the ease of knowing where their beloved fur child is.

Fourteen years I was given the gift of being the human to a cat who loved me unconditionally.  Who was not only my pet, but my best friend, nurse, confidant and yes, child.

Cheers to you my dear girl.  I will dance in the wind with you always.


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