Purging Aries Full Moon On October 1st, 2020…

Purging Aries Full Moon On October 1st, 2020

A Full Moon is the brightest point of the Lunar cycle when the Moon is opposite the Sun, and it’s at its brightest point. Because of the magnificent light the Full Moon shines on the Planet, it is a moment of vital abundance in the cycle of life, both in the physical and etheric world.

Full Moons are the lunar cycle’s culminating energy point; they are energetically intense and sometimes chaotic and help us enter a period of release and closure. During the Full Moon’s brightest nights, we can more clearly recognize our shadows, can receive guidance to see what’s hidden and start the process of letting go.

While New Moons pull our attention inwardly, the Full Moons project it outwardly. We can notice our actions’ effects during the Full Moons and recognize the true nature of what surrounds us.

As the Aries Full Moon on October 1st brings us into the last phase of the year, inevitably, 2020 confirms to be a year of challenges and discomfort.

This Full Moon wants to highlight our sense of self, and it will come up in our communications and emotions. We won’t be able to hide under a cloak of indifference and passivity because the Aries spirit is starting a period of impulsivity, impatience, anger, and rebellious behaviors that will influence us collectively and personally.

Because Mars becomes exact conjunct with Aries, we will see more social uprights and protests, and on a personal level, we’ll feel pushed to purge out what is no longer acceptable.

This end of the year can be uncomfortable, especially if it’s taken on a 3D level, meaning getting caught in contraction, reaction, and suppression. On the other hand, if approached from a higher perspective, it can push you into being more assertive, rather than having an aggressive attitude, and will help release all that has been buried under survival mechanisms using denial and intellectualization.

Where are you putting your energy? Are you stuck in drama? Are you angry and in resistance?

Remember, we are always choosing our reality based on our perception. A 5D perception will be fundamental to redirect the energy unleashed by the unfolding events during this Full Moon.

If well-directed, the Aries’s rebellious energy can merge into leadership that allows human rights to be respected. At the same time, Mars supports, energizes, and organizes the action needed to deliver the desired results.

The presence of the Black Moon Lilith point is the cherry on top of the cake.

The Black Moon Lilith point is a wild feminine force, amplifying the spirit of freedom and fearless independent actions. It helps recognize the awakening force that brings up another level of awareness of the self and its rights in the world.

Freedom, leadership, fairness, equality, and rebelliousness are the themes of the river of change flowing into the planet, starting with the Full Moon in Aries. Be ready, grounded, and clear about what you stand for and in which frequency you choose to vibrate.


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