Proven Ways To Heal Powerful Emotions…

Proven Ways To Heal Powerful Emotions

Lots of people have powerful emotions that overwhelm them such as anger or fear.

So What Can We Do to Find Peace?

Here is a Very Simple and Super Effective Process

1 – Sit and Watch Your Mind – One of the best things we can do is to close your eyes and sit and watch our thoughts. Notice thoughts coming and going… just be with your thoughts.

2 – Then When One of Those Powerful Emotions Come – Then when a powerful emotion or thought comes up while you are watching your mind… just stay with those feelings this is important.

3 – If You Run Away – If you run away from your feelings they will solidify and become real and will not dissipate.

4 – But if You Stay With that Emotion Things Get Better Very Soon – But if you stay with that emotion while watching your thoughts… very soon it will dissolve away and another feeling will take its place. A pleasant thought, something totally different will appear.

5 – Stay With It – If you continue to watch your thoughts you will start to understand that all thoughts just come and go because they are just thoughts. But if we run away from your feelings they become magnified and become larger and overwhelming. So it’s best to just watch and understand your mind and the process of thoughts coming and going.

6 – Your Reward is Great Peace – Doing this you start to understand your mind and thus find peace by just watching your thoughts come and go.

Enjoy Just Watching Your Mind

Many Blessings to Everyone!


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