Protecting Yourself From Energetic Attachments…

Protecting Yourself From Energetic Attachments

What are “energetic attachments”? And why do you need to be aware of any unwanted examples? We all have our own unique energy fields and vibration. On the other hand, we are also connected to everything and everyone else in the known Universe through our vibrational frequencies. It is, therefore, both natural and inevitable that sometimes we will attract attachments or energy/emotions/thoughts and feelings from others.

Most of our thoughts and feelings originate in our unconscious minds, and it can be very easy to miss the signs that you are either sending out energetic “cords” or signals that are fixing themselves into another’s energy field or that your energy field is being compromised in the same way.

A co-dependent relationship is a good example of energetic attachment. Each person within the relationship believes that their own happiness depends upon the other. Other attachments which you would do well to clear from your energy field, are a constant reliving of past events, keeping you stuck and unable to move forward, and, very common, the inability to let go of possessions and clutter through a misplaced sentimentality.

There are many methods you can use to keep your own auric field clear and protected. The first thing to do is to lift your thoughts and feelings from your unconscious to your conscious mind. Take note of how you feel physically. Is your gut tight or uncomfortable? Are your shoulders up around your ears? Do you keep rubbing your temples or pinching the bridge of your nose? All of these, and a whole host more, are indicators that you are not in complete harmony with either your own feelings or your environment.

Keeping your auric field clear and resilient, in other words, setting firm boundaries and not allowing anyone or anything to enter without your permission brings untold health benefits to mind, body, and spirit. Many people like to use crystals for this purpose. Amethyst and Clear Quartz work well, coupled with a firm intention and a conscious decision to let go of all attachments and energies that no longer serve you and a ritual including the burning of white sage or Palo Santo.

Using Palo Santo to Protect and Clear

If you have never smelt the fragrance of Palo Santo you are in for a real treat! The name, in Spanish, means simply “holy wood”. Its aroma, when allowed to smolder gently, is heavenly. It is a mixture of mint, lemon, and that indefinable “woodiness” that most of us associate with relaxing, energizing walks in nature. There is also a hint of cedar and pine in the mix, making it both uplifting and calming.

To protect yourself, and your home, from unwanted energetic attachments, light a stick of Palo Santo and allow it to burn for just 30 seconds. Gently blow out the flame and sweep the stick all-around your own body, visualizing yourself inside a protective cocoon. The membrane of your cocoon is porous but also acts as a filter, allowing only positive, vibrant, healing energies to enter your sacred space. This property is what makes Palo Santo doubly desirable as an energetic cleanser. The other property is, of course, the divine fragrance it imparts to your whole home!


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