4 Ways To Protect Your Inner Space…

4 Ways To Protect Your Inner Space


Over the last several years, I have become increasingly discerning about what I allow into my personal space, my mind, body, and spirit.

While we occasionally need to protect our energy from other people, we often inflict harm on ourselves without realizing it.

Many open-hearted, empathic people can be a bit porous.

By that, I mean that it is easy for us to absorb and internalize negative energy from our external environments.

The day-to-day choices that we make — the media we consume, the movies and television shows we watch, and the news that we read – affect us at subtle emotional levels that can be often be overlooked.

A great way to begin clearing this energy is by looking at areas of your life where you are inviting in or creating excess negativity.

Here are four easy steps that you can take to stop sabotaging your own inner landscape and happiness.

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1) Awareness

The first step is becoming aware of your own inner state.

For a long time, I did not pay attention to how I was feeling – mentally, emotionally, or physically.

In order to know when something is not good for us, we need to know ourselves.

Start by paying attention.

At any given moment, notice what your mind is doing, what emotions you are feeling, and what sensations are happening in your body.

Practice this several times per day, even once per hour.

You can set an alarm on your phone and each time it goes off, take a moment to connect with yourself.

2) Experimentation

Once you have built up your awareness muscle, you can move on to step number two: experimentation.

Experimentation is like taking your own temperature throughout the day and figuring out what makes you feel feverish.

It is all about connecting the state of your inner landscape to what is going on in your external environment.

Notice what you are thinking and how you are feeling after browsing Facebook for an hour, watching Game of Thrones or spending an afternoon sitting in nature.

Are you having positive or negative thoughts? What is your emotional state like? Does your body feel expansive or contractive?

Experimentation will begin to tell you what is truly nourishing for you versus what is depleting or agitating.

3) Sit in the Muck

You might think the next step is to immediately stop the behaviors that don’t serve you, but I find it beneficial to sit in the proverbial muck for a little bit.

When you try to stop doing something or quickly label it as “bad” you rely solely on your mental willpower to make that change.

BUT, if you allow yourself to truly stew in the negative sensations in your mind and body for a little while, you won’t need to set arbitrary rules against doing the depleting activities.

They will begin to fall away as your body and spirit are pulled back to their natural state of love and joy.

4) Enjoy your newfound positive energy!

As energy-depleting activities take up less space in your life, you will find more time and energy for the activities, people, and places that truly light you up.

As you begin following these positive feelings more often, a new sense of expansiveness, freedom, love, and joy will begin to permeate your life.

Feel free to repeat these steps as often as necessary, or whenever you feel like something in your external environment is throwing you off your center to bring yourself back to a state of peace and joy.


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Linda Katz

My passion is helping modern, urban gals like you tap into your own gorgeously wild feminine nature. By listening to and trusting your body, reclaiming your feminine essence and owning your desires you will become the artist of your life, infusing it with love and freedom at every turn.

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