Promoting Healing With Energetic Balance…

Promoting Healing With Energetic Balance

Everything is connected, everything is energy. If we are unable or unwilling to heal wounds on the emotional or spiritual level then those wounds will continue to fester and develop and manifest on mental and/or physical levels. I believe that you can be emotionally or spiritually wounded even before you are born. You can carry wounds across lifetimes, both from past lives of your own, and epigenetic wounds from your ancestors. Let’s not forget as well that even if you had no such wounds, what went on around you in utero will also come into play. Unborn babies are very aware, and very affected, by the emotional state of their mother and any extreme stress experienced may be carried by the child into their new life.

Prevention and Underlying Causes

In holistic, energy and functional medicine, prevention is key. The aim is to assist clients to be as well, as healthy, as possible in all aspects, and on all levels, so as to prevent the presentation of mental and physical illnesses. The other key in this type of healthcare practice is to determine the underlying causes of a condition, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Healing on all Levels

Energy ‘medicine’ works on all levels. What this means is that it can equally effectively help people with mental health issues such as anxiety, people with physical health issues such as chronic pain, and also other people with emotional issues such as grief. The absolute beauty of energy ‘healing’, is that even if you do not know or understand on a conscious level, what the underlying cause of your problem is – that is what wounded you in the first place – as long as you are willing to let that problem go, the energy will go where it is required to heal your wound – even if that is somewhere on a deep spiritual level that you are unlikely to be able to access in your everyday life.

It is important to recognise here that even though you may think that it’s illogical to question whether or not you are indeed willing to let go of something that causes you discomfort, in actual fact we often hold onto things because that is what we are comfortable with, that is our normal, and forms a part of our identity. We talk about ourselves as if we are the wound “I am asthmatic” “I can’t run I have bad knees” “I am fat” “I can’t meditate”.

Energy Centers – the Chakras

As Belinda Davidson, who worked for years as a medical intuitive – says, if you have anything wrong with you at all it is due to one or more of your Chakras – energy centers – being out of balance in some way. We all have 7 main Chakras and many minor chakras as well as 5 higher chakras. Each of the 7 main Chakras is associated with particular aspects of your physical, mental and emotional being. Each Chakra has its own particular energetic vibration that also relates to sounds, colors and elements. Chakras are areas that are particularly open to receiving energy and therefore are often utilized in energy healing.

We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves and being in a state of energetic balance allows this healing to occur. Each chakra particularly loves receiving energy that sits on the same vibration or frequency. The first chakra has a great affinity with earth energy; the second chakra with moon energy, water and movement; the third chakra with sun and fire energy, as well as food; the fourth chakra with air and breath, and the energy of love; the fifth chakra with sound, the sixth chakra with thinking, learning & knowledge; and the seventh chakra with collective, universal energy.

Healing Yourself

Unfortunately most people can’t seek out an energy healing session every day (good reason to learn it for yourself!) but it is very important to understand that you are in charge of your own wellbeing and doing everything that you can to provide your chakras with adequate and appropriate energy will give them a much better chance of remaining in balance and therefore preventing the manifestation of pain or illness on a mental or physical level, and also healing existing conditions.

There are 5 aspects that you need to tend to in order to balance your own energies as much as possible. These aspects form the basis of Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing. They are: Food, Movement, Sleep, Surroundings and Being.


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