Fall-Winter Dressing With Spiritual Intention…

Fall-Winter Dressing With Spiritual Intention

As the days grow shorter and the sunlight we soak up each day’s lessons, it can be easy to suffer from mood changes or symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Even if you’re a fan of the fall and winter time, the cold days often call for a shift in the way we dress and prepare for each day. Therefore, it’s important to consider your feelings and the spiritual intention with which you approach each day; and to approach each day with your spiritual balance at the forefront of your mind. By considering how you’re feeling at the start of each day, you can surround yourself with the colors, scents, and warmth that your body doesn’t know to ask for, but needs.

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Colors for Your Soul

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Colors are often used to represent emotions due to the emotions that they are known to subconsciously elicit from people. Red is a strong color that is often associated with either romance or anger. Yellow is considered a bright and happy color because it mimics sunlight, and blue is considered a trust- and tranquility-inducing color that reminds people of the sky and ocean.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used colored stones to heal ailments, and various forms of color therapy and naturopathy have been used to treat a variety of conditions — today, color therapy is often used for conditions like cancer, insomnia and SAD. The large span of colors can also be interpreted more specifically by individuals’ personal taste and associations, and can even be used with a person’s astrological chart. Certain lighting and colors can drastically change a person’s mood, which is why it’s so important to align your surroundings with your spiritual emotions, a practice known as feng shui.

Using calming colors in your home and the spaces you spend a lot of time can help keep your emotions balanced, especially in the winter when we tend to spend more time indoors. This can be true of the fabrics you surround yourself with as well. Soft but simple materials can produce a calming effect on the body, compared to rough fabrics or excessively plush materials that can distract your focus. Ultimately, this depends on the individual and their physiological preferences. If you are a person who focuses best when warm and comfortable, wearing soft scarves and sweaters might be the best materials for your day-to-day winter life.

Intention in Your Home

The materials you use in your home can also affect your mood, which is why there’s a lot to consider when designing or purchasing your home. Bamboo planks are made of strands of raw material that are woven and pressed together, which offers a light but durable material with a naturally bright and blonde color, which can create a warm and pleasant ambiance during the cold winter months. As a sustainable resource, bamboo is welcomed all around the world as a tasteful material in homes and is considered “the friend of the people” in China.

To compensate for the lack of warmth and flowery aromas of spring and summer, people often choose to scent their homes with fruity candles and incense during the fall and winter time. Smells, like colors, can evoke emotions from people, which is why this is a popular option when feeling down or dry from the cold. However, when using these scents in your home, you should be careful to choose scents that are not overwhelming or made of materials that could trigger allergic reactions from people with asthma or COPD. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 23 million people in the U.S. have some form of asthma. Therefore, it can be a good idea to hold off on using certain smells if you’re unsure of the health conditions of those around you.

The fall and winter months can be difficult for folks who are sensitive to colder and darker weather, but these symptoms can be improved or remedied by being mindful of your feelings and making conscious decisions about your dress and surroundings. By allowing yourself to experience emotions and make adjustments in your physical life accordingly, you’re giving your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being the attention it needs and deserves.


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