Post-Pandemic Life: How To Avoid What’s To Come…

Post-Pandemic Life: How To Avoid What’s To Come

The Vicious Cycle of Detox and Retox.

“I cannot stress how important it is to not refill our new space with hatred.” — @ArikXander

I’ve had this article drafted for a while, and now that COVID-19 symptoms are improving, it seems that it’s time to hit publish.

As I stated in my COVID-19 Astrological delineation, the chart is unstable and it’s showing us what we need to work on as a collective. At the risk of offending some of my most loyal readers and followers in the mist of misunderstanding, I cannot stress how important it is to not refill our new space with hatred.

Quarantine has allowed us to detox negativity. That’s what pandemics can do when we work it right. But we don’t want to refill it with the same old energy. That would be like eating junk food after a 2 month cleanse.

I know this is difficult. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult things to do.

Why? Because it’s human nature to fill empty spaces with energy.

Take silence for example, how difficult is it for us to sit amongst ourselves, or with others in perfect silence? How many people went crazy or lost their minds in quarantine without the daily distractions and dramas of life?

We are addicted to filling spaces with what we are familiar with. It’s a vicious cycle of detox and retox.

Whenever we create new space or detox old energy, we tend to fill it up, or retox, with negative energy. I know I should have posted this about a month ago when I drafted it to prepare us for the temptations that would come post-pandemic. Let me ask you this: how many times have you done well in life, only to be challenged or mess up right after? That’s what I am talking about.

In my astrological coronavirus report, I said that the fate of the world is in our hands. We did a good job, for the most part. But we need to know that there are forces of negativity that want to always bring us down and prevent us from really increasing our level of consciousness.

So as restrictions and limitations are lifted, we return back to life, but we need to be careful to not refill that precious new energy with hatred. It would be like smoking around a newborn. We need to protect the newborn as much as possible. That’s not to say that there won’t be negativity, it’s to say that we need to be able to respond to it in a way that is spiritual, not hateful – otherwise, the vicious cycle will repeat itself over and over again, in any realm of life. To really make a change, we need to shift our consciousness FIRST. Otherwise, our ego is just looking for an excuse to be hateful.

What’s the consequence? Well, at the time of this writing, I am teaching a class on The Planets of Pandemics in which I teach that The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse come in stages. What I want to convey is that if we don’t learn from the pandemic of plague (COVID-19), then war will come. After war, is genocide (GOD FORBID).

The only permissible war is the war within – against our ego demons that control our actions. Again, at the risk of losing those embedded with hatred and anger, unable to take responsibility for their inner emotional state, I know I am serving as a voice for many who seek peace without violence or counterviolence. I have endured violence and attack since I was a newborn. My mom walked in on my dad with his hand over my mouth in the crib, and I grew up constantly being attacked by him on physical, mental, and emotional levels. It was in my nature to not fight back, but I wasn’t aware of what to do until I learned that it was my fate (aka karma) that I was purifying. When people ask me if I hate him, they don’t understand when I say I don’t. It’s not about him. It’s not about me. It’s about taking responsibility for my past life behavior and making a choice to not repeat the cycle.

With that said, every life matters and every life lost is a life mourned – I shouldn’t even have to write this, but the words are flowing through. I have been attacked for taking this peaceful stance in light of the recent riots. I’ve been called “insensitive”, and “critical” for promoting peace. I’ve also been thanked for speaking what is on so many people’s minds. The message here is for all areas of life:


This is what every criminal thinks. This is what every violent abuser thinks. This is what every oppressor thinks. Gandhi, Mandala and countless others we don’t hear about successfully demonstrate how intention, courage, and nonviolence channel strength and not weakness.

Hatred has a sneaky way of finding its way into our hearts and minds. It will sell us on anything that triggers us, and it poisons us with hatred in return. Hatred gives us false energy through the illusion of gaining “power”. All I am asking is that we refrain from hatred and work on our unresolved anger.

Chaos happens to cleanse our fate – but it’s not the only way to cleanse. Many “spiritual” students like to forget about the bigger picture when presented with the option to be “justifiably” hateful and have the permission to blame so they don’t have to look at themselves. So I ask you haters to keep going into your reality because I won’t follow you.

I believe in peace and battle my inner demons which has more impact than violence ever will.

TAKEAWAY: If you find yourself wanting to retox your life with negativity or be triggered by what’s on the news….look within and see what it brings up within you and work to resolve those issues without harming others.

Don’t forget there are energies trying to manipulate and distract us from raising our level of consciousness and we want this to be post-pandemic and not pre-apocalyptic.

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