Podcast: How To See The Value In Anything…

Podcast: How To See The Value In Anything

An Ageless Podcast with Arik and Aurelia Xander.

Lighthearted, humorous and intense discussions on human life, spirituality and all the confusion most people find themselves in.

Healing The Economy.

In this episode, we talk about money, changes, the economy, Uranus in Taurus, free vs. paid meditations, getting what you pay for, giving away things for free, seeing the value, receiving appreciation, giving back, increasing the value of anything, greed, donations, giving up the ego, how to set up a good context for your spiritual path, self-importance, narcissism, hoarding, Aurelia’s encounter with Falkor/Fuchur, seeing the new in the old, why the ego wants things for free, having the right attitude, abundance is an attitude, it pays off to think about situations where we do let our environment change us for the worst.

Podcast Note: When doing some research after recording the podcast, we learned that The original name Fuchur is derived from the Japanese Fukuryū (福竜/福龍, “good luck dragon”). Seiya is of Japanese descent, her dad is from Sapporo.

Be sure to listen to the Ageless Music Playlist to listen during the break to help integrate the discussion.

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