Pisces Season 2020: Transits And Meditation…

Pisces Season 2020: Transits And Meditation

This year the sun will go into Pisces on February 18, 2020.

In astrology, a solar ingression is when the sun enters a new sign, which is commonly known as an “astrological season”. Since the sun never goes retrograde and wants to always keep moving forward, each ingression represents the next step we need to take.

Because everything comes from light, all the ions, atoms, and cosmic pixels are influenced by that zodiac archetype. The sun also represents 60-70% of our personal karma, so it’s a rather large shift. In order to really make the most of this special 30 Day period, I offer a quantum sunlight meditation where you access your solar plexus energy and align with the highest vibration of the archetype to ensure a powerful return of energy throughout the astrological season.

Pisces is the third, and final, cycle of the winter season. It’s the season when we bring the past 12 zodiac seasons to a close as it precedes the astrological new year on March 19, 2020. The month of Pisces is like Gregorian December when we celebrate an astrological new year’s eve. We are bringing things to an end and moving on so that we can evolve. It’s a cycle when we change ourselves based on the information we gathered during Aquarius. Now we see how much we don’t know, and how much there is still to learn. There are still many planets in Capricorn, pulling us down. It’s a challenge to be light right now, but we are asked by the cosmos, in solar Pisces, to resolve all dissonances and conflicts within us.

When the Sun is transiting through Pisces, known as “Pisces Season”, certain laws and propensities, gifts and challenges are set into effect. In DASH® Astrology, we know that Pisces is ruled by the Cosmic Pixel called, The Path.

The Path depicts the step of spiritual unfoldment where the knowledge, gained through meditation, has to be fused into our bodily organism so that we can walk our path.

Fusion can lead to either confusion, diffusion or union. Confusion often is an ego tactic of distraction from reality. Diffusion is the process of spreading things widely and thereby making them readily usable. Union is bringing two things together which are greater than their individual parts. So as we are integrating the knowledge we have gained, we can either become confused by it, diffuse it for others or unite with it and literally become it – which would lead to diffusion at some point. But it should be noted that not every diffusion is authentic – many people defuse information that they have yet to become.

The chart of the Pisces solar ingression may support this process as Neptune is semi-square Uranus in Taurus. The entire season will ask us to control our imagination and channel it into beginning something new. Something tangible and with a new meaning. Neptune is also sextile the planet Jupiter, so there is an abundance of imagination and expansion into new realms. Watch out for doing favors with the hidden agenda of having them returned. Communication is key throughout this season and the chances for tele-miscommunications are higher than usual.

Otherwise, there is a strong work ethic in the air. Pace yourself and bring yourself into the changes you’ve been working for while being open to adaptability throughout it all.

Use plenty of Pisces EOB to transcend these effects!

Feb. 18-27, 2020

  • Feb 18 Sun enters Pisces
  • Feb 20 Jupiter sextile Neptune
  • Feb 23 New Moon in Pisces

This year, Pisces starts off with Mercury retrograde. During this time, we are walking away from old emotions on our path to finding closure. What is holding you back? Before we can start the new astrological year, we need to make room by letting things go. Pay attention to your dreams as sleep is deeper than other months of the year. One of the things we need to look out for is getting lost in our dreams. Neptune and Jupiter make an interesting aspect which might make us all feel a bit hungry for the dream world. As long as we can bring that energy into the material world, there is nothing to worry about.

The New Moon in Pisces on Feb. 23, is the final New Moon before the Spring Equinox. Please check my site for more information on that.

Feb. 28-Mar. 8, 2020

  • Mar 2, Quarter Moon
  • Mar 4, Mercury Retrograde enters Aquarius
  • Mar 4, Venus enters Taurus Conjunct Uranus
  • Mar 9, Full Moon in Virgo
  • Mar 9, Mercury Direct

As Mercury goes back in time into Aquarius, we are rethinking and reviewing our choices and intentions from solar Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18).

Because Mercury retrograde affects our focus and communication, keep it together as much as possible, stay focused and double-check travel plans, contracts, and negotiations. Avoid beginning or signing anything big if possible. This year’s Mercury retrogrades occur within all three of the water signs, so it’s almost as if the water is going in reverse giving us the ability to flow upstream like salmon! It’s time to open the mind (Mercury) and go against the emotional flow. Water signs will feel these Mercury retrogrades massively and create a thirst for safety and security from fear.

During this time, we want to be cautious of becoming too complacent in our lives. We will be seen where we are in denial about where we are incomplete with something important. In order to overcome the negative parts, we can activate the positive parts by confronting what we need to finish. This is a period when we move onto new shores and into new realities. We can always move when we shift our perspective. Watch out for plenty of shifts and parallel universes! Then on March 9, Mercury will go direct in Aquarius and progress back into Pisces. Mercury has gathered all the necessary intel during this retrograde period to now asks us to move forward with greater intelligence and clarity.

Mar. 10-19, 2020

  • Mar 16, Mercury enters Pisces
  • Mar 16, Quarter Moon
  • Mar 19, Uranus sextile True Node
  • Mar 19, Sun enters Aries

These are the final days of the astrological year, so we wanna really push through and develop appreciation and gratitude for our experiences. Mercury will enter Pisces on March 16, 2020 making our thoughts more powerful than any substances. Your mind wants to be free from any substances so that pure focus and intention can find its way into manifestation. Mercury, the planet of intention, when in Pisces asks us to communicate with the cosmos with prayer, meditation and focus. Spiritual alignment has the most power when creating the reality you desire.

Spirituality is a lifestyle, not an event. When we are spiritual, we create events, but when we are sporadic with our spirituality, events create us. During this time, we want to approach everything from a state of happiness, joy, and generosity. We focus on spirituality and understand that we make real changes in the invisible realm first, where the visible world follows. On March 16th, the quarter moon in Sagittarius is teaching us to perfect our skills as we get ready to release old habits before the astrological new year. This is a month of spiritual cleansing where we will remove blockages that keep us from being spiritual.

Neptune is giving us a new point of view where we see what is preventing us from having gratitude and expand our physical limitations. It’s time to become more intuitive and spiritual and drop addictions to politics and the media. Finally, Uranus will sextile the North Node, asking us to find new ways to move forward by working with others. We will figure out ways to stop feeling aloof so that we can find the intimacy we have been looking for.


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