Pets As Healers: How They Provide Comfort And Uplift…

Pets As Healers: How They Provide Comfort And Uplift

The growing rise of emotional support animals may have created controversy on airplanes, but it has also brought the positive effects of pets to the forefront. Study after study has shown that having or being around pets can provide benefits to your mental and spiritual health. So, what is it about pets that people find so uplifting?

Pets Love Unconditionally

There are no questions and no conditions for their love; pets just give it freely. If you have any concerns or doubts about your appearance, five minutes with a dog who loves you no matter what your clothes or hair look like can restore your confidence. That can extend beyond the superficial, too. Serious doubts about self-worth and value can be calmed to some degree by the loving gaze of a pet.

On a spiritual front, this unconditional love is proof for many that it can exist. You don’t have to prove yourself worthy to a pet, they simply love you as you are and where you are at right now.

There Is No Judgement

Similarly, pets don’t pass judgment. In a society increasingly focused on comparisons and negativity, this is a refreshing break. And it’s an important one if you suffer from anxiety because judgmental behavior can lead to self-doubt and increased anxiety. Embrace the support and acceptance that your pet provides; it will help improve how you view yourself.

Pets Are Excellent Listeners

If you’ve had a rough day or have a lot on your mind, having someone that will quietly listen and let you work it out is an invaluable asset. And, since they don’t talk back, pets fit the bill for this nicely. Even a pet turtle will quietly let you share your deepest thoughts without you having to worry about them posting about it on social media later.

They Are Always Happy To See You

When you have a pet, they greet you with a smile and excitement. Even if you have only been out of the room for a few minutes, your pets are happy to see you. Can you think of a better way to make you feel loved, accepted, and special?

Show them that you feel the same way by making them a special treat. Keep in mind that some foods can be harmful to dogs and cats. Take time to ask what human food can cats eat, though, so your plan doesn’t end up making them sick.

Pets Help Get You Outside in Nature

Many pets require time outside each day, and you get to go along with them. Which is great news, since spending time in nature provides undeniable benefits to your mental health. It helps calm the mind and soothe your soul. Nature also provides a connection to the larger world that can be grounding and help you put smaller things into perspective. Many people report that spending time outside leaves them feeling recharged and in a better emotional state than before.

Anyone for a Walk? They Help You Move More

Don’t overlook this important quality of pets: they get you moving. Whether you are looking for a walking, hiking, or running partner, a dog can be a great companion and motivator. If you find yourself looking for a reason to get out of bed in the morning, knowing your furry friend needs to go outside gives you one.

Dogs aren’t the only pets that get you moving. Cats need social interaction and playtime, too. In fact, almost any pet requires some degree of care that will get you moving more. And increased physical activity has been directly linked to better emotional health.

Having a pet is a completely natural way to combat stress. The simple act of petting a cat or dog can actually lower your heart rate and help you feel more at ease. Not only that, but they can help you form connections that sustain emotional growth. So, go ahead, enjoy some puppy love and affection. It really is good for your outlook.


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