Peace, Humility Unto Spirality…

Peace, Humility Unto Spirality

Those of us who possess, embraces, and fathom some level of faith and belief should take special care, not to be guilty of spiritual pride. Avoid, at all costs, the advent of having the consciousness that your form of worship ceremonies and activities elevates you above everyone else. It would be good to ascribe to and make every effort for living in peace and be fair and just to all others. In a words, always strive to treat others the way you want to be treated. The book of Matthew, of the New Testament Bible, reveals this passage, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the people of God”. Those words were part of The Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus was teaching the Beatitudes.  I hasten to add; if you want to live, portray and exhibit the way of peace and remain humble. Then it might be prudent to emulate some characteristic traits and nature of Jesus-the one who saves.

This may take on the premise that you must be ready to both say and do what seems strange to the ‘court of public opinion’. Meaning you must be willing to give when others are taking; willing to love when others hate, willing to help when others abuse. In doing so; you shall one day soon receive a tremendous bestowal of abundant blessings. While those others will end up missing whatever blessings that may be stored up for them. To embrace the way of peace means more than ‘No Trouble; more than The Absent of Abuse of Trouble. The bonus is to yield the Best of Everything.


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