Peace Can Be Best Realized When There Is Freedom Equality And Justice?…

Peace Can Be Best Realized When There Is Freedom Equality And Justice?

True, but what happens when one is not fortunate enough to have freedom, equality and justice? Can he not realize peace then? Let’s assess…

When the freedom of a bubbling brook is blocked by the trees and rocks standing in its way, it by no means becomes sad or unhappy. Rather, it adjusts to the trees, rocks and stones, and very peacefully, keeps making its ways so that it can meet the ocean!

In another example, when the trees in Kutch do not receive rains equal to the rains received by the trees in the other regions of Gujarat, they do not revolt in anger. Rather, they adjust to the drought conditions in that place, and very peacefully, spread their roots wide and deep into the ground so that they can find some water for their survival.

In yet another instance, while all the other birds and animals conveniently inhabit the same homes throughout the year, seeing this, the migratory birds do not envy this comfort and fight for their right to justice. Rather, they readily adjust, and very peacefully, season after season fly long distances and migrate to suitable environments so that they can sustain their life.

Now, when rivers, trees, birds and animals can realize peace even in absence of freedom, equality and justice, then obviously, we humans too certainly can, can’t we? And the key to realizing this peace is to adjust in every circumstance in order to attain our goal of life!

Learning to adjust is a prerequisite for a peaceful life.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, suggests,

“If you simply assimilate the phrase ‘Adjust everywhere’ in your life, that’s more than enough. Peace will arise automatically for you. At first, for the initial six months or so, you will experience difficulties; then automatically things will be peaceful.”

We are on Earth only for a short period of time. So why waste time clashing over temporary things like freedom, equality and justice? Nothing is going to come with us when we die, therefore let’s adjust instead. If we keep arguing over who owns the ice, what will happen? We will be wasting our precious time, because ice shall melt in no time, leaving us empty-handed anyways. Like ice, everything in this world has an end, so it is better to adjust and maintain our peace of mind. When we do not adjust, we are hurting the other person, and that suffering will automatically befall upon us, which will disrupt our peace. Hence, wisdom lies in adjusting. Given the vast number of different personalities, characteristics and tendencies of people, how can we go through life peacefully if we expect everyone to bend as per our will? It is indeed much wiser to adjust and thereby maintain our peace of mind.

If we want to progress in life, experiencing peace of mind, then ‘Adjust Everywhere’ is the starting point to reach our desired destination.

Param Pujya Dadashri advises,

“Circumstances will continue to change. They will not adjust to you; you will have to adjust to them. Circumstances do not have any intention, but you have. To make the circumstances favourable is our job. Unfavourable circumstances are indeed favourable. (For instance,) one begins to breathe hard while going up the stairs, yet he climbs them. Why? There is the intention to go up so that he is able to take advantage of what is up there!

What is the intention behind Adjusting in Life?

The intention is peace. The goal is peace. This (to adjust) is the key to avoid unhappiness. It is Dada’s science of adjustment. This adjustment is remarkable. You know what happens whenever you don’t adjust. Failing to adjust is foolishness.

Adjustment is justice. Any kind of obstinacy (adherence to one’s viewpoint) is not justice. You should never force your viewpoint on anyone, regardless of what the matter is. I never do. In life, you must use the approach that will quickly draw matters to a close. No one has ever failed to adjust with me. Here, a household of only four cannot adjust with each other. Will you learn how to adjust? Is it not possible to adjust? You will learn from whatever you observe. The law of this world is that you will learn from what you observe. No one has to teach you that. Is any part of this difficult to learn? Perhaps you might not understand the part that I am preaching, but if you were to observe my conduct, you will easily learn.

Even if you know very little in this world, it is not a major problem. You may have very little knowledge about your field of work. Even that is all right, but it is essential that you know how to adjust for your peace of mind. You have to learn to adjust otherwise you will suffer. Take advantage of this message and make the most of it.”

To achieve permanent peace and happiness, we MUST attain Self-Realization.

The ultimate goal of our human life is to realize who I really am, i.e. attain Self-Realization. Param Pujya Dadashri helps us relate,

“What is the sign of one who has Self-realization (samkiti)? Even if everyone in the home does wrong (may curb our freedom, may not treat us equally, may do injustice to us), he turns it right. To turn things right in all matters is the sign of a samkiti. I made very subtle discoveries about worldly life. I am saying all this after having made the ultimate discovery. I am showing you how to live in this world, and I am also showing you how to attain liberation (the ultimate goal of our existence). My goal is to lessen your difficulties.

Realisation of the Self (attaining Soul) is itself samadhi (the blissful, totally peaceful state); Samadhi does not leave while eating, drinking, sitting, standing; it is natural and spontaneous Samadhi. When can it be said that the Soul has been attained? When worries do not arise, when samadhi prevails even amidst aadhi-vyadhi-upadhi (mental, physical, and emotional suffering), that is the sign of having Knowledge of the Self (Self-Realization). Any discussion in the absence of such a state is like conjuring castles in the sky!”

Thus, even in absence of freedom, equality and justice, peace can be best realized…

by imbibing the principle of ‘Adjust Everywhere’ into our life. And adjustment becomes easier when we attain Self-Realization. To read more on the subject, please visit


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