Parent’s Inner Peace Achieved: Calming Summer Birthday Party Activities For Kids…

Parent’s Inner Peace Achieved: Calming Summer Birthday Party Activities For Kids

Organizing a birthday party for kids can be stressful for parents. After all, you have to think about all the ways to keep the children entertained so they have fun. Not to mention that it’s important for your child for the party to be unique and successful to impress their friends.

And with all the gadgets today, it is a challenging task. But there are a lot of calming summer birthday party activities for kids that will completely occupy young minds. Moreover, it will be stress-free for parents as well and certainly, make for a distinctive celebration.

Start the birthday party with yoga

Children tend to be overly energetic which can quickly turn to chaos and nerve-wracking event. So, to get the party started, hire a yoga instructor to show them some calming moves. Yoga for kids is fun and they see it more as a game than an exercise.

In a way, yoga is similar to the game of Twister and each pose has an interesting name like ‘cat and cow’, ‘tree pose’ and ‘lizard on the rock’. Even you and other parents chaperoning the party can join in and calm the nerves before the celebrations start.

Rent a karaoke machine

Karaoke is a perfect way to properly direct the energy and for everyone to have lots of fun. Some kids may feel embarrassed to sing in front of their friends, so offer them to team up with someone. Ask your kids what songs are popular among their generation and put them on the tune list.

Also, you can separate the kids into teams, choose a jury and everything into a friendly competition. Dancing and singing will center children’s energy into singing and dancing, as well as allow them to have a great time performing their favorite song.

Have a painting class

Children love to draw and paint. So, turn the birthday party into a huge painting class where they can play with colors. Later on, put their drawings on display by creating a DIY gallery with some rope and clips. Visual arts are a great way to calm the mood and focus children’s attention, while at the same time making beautiful drawings they can be proud of.

Rent a pony

Animals have a calming effect both on adults and children. This is why over the years renting a petting zoo has become very popular at birthday parties. Ponies are among the favorite animals to rent which children can also ride under professional supervision.

Sometimes animals for rent can be a small farm zoo with sheep, goats, pigs, and cows. This is a great way to bring nature to your kids especially if they live in a big city and to teach them about its diversity. Moreover, animals have soothing qualities and children feel calmer around them, even protective so you will enjoy seeing them loving every minute of it.

Create arts and crafts workshop

Arts and crafts are perfect to keep the whole party occupied in calming and creative activity. The best thing is that even parents can participate and feel the relaxing nature of artistic expression. Install a stand for kids face painting and allow artists to turn them into superheroes, animals, and plants.

Buy all sorts of beads, sequins and colorful stones they can glue and thread to create necklaces and bracelets. That way, they can take a nice gift with them or make it for someone else. Painting on shirts will also be fun especially since they can use their hands which is always fun for small children.

Build an outdoor cinema

One of the advantages of an apartment is that you can create a perfect home theatre with a big TV and a bunch of cushions on the floor. However, if you have a backyard, this is a great opportunity to build an outdoor cinema. This is pretty easy with some white canvas you can hang on the façade or attach to a wooden frame.

If you are not good with DIY projects, don’t worry. You can buy a screen at the store or rent it, especially for the birthday party completely equipped with a projector and speakers.


Making a lot of kids happy at once is a demanding task, but easily managed with some calming summer birthday party activities. Which one you will choose depends on the age of your children and the number of guests. But no matter if you have a party inside or outside, these activities will easily turn the whole ordeal into a stress-free experience and a fun adventure.

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