Paradigm Shift: A strident Focus On Meaningful Change…

Paradigm Shift: A strident Focus On Meaningful Change

Paradigm Shift: A Strident Focus on Meaningful Change

The attitude and process for change become imminent when it lessens situations and circumstances that causes pain and hurt to the innocent. Such changes can be looked upon as being healthy for societal norms, as it brings to the forefront, and creates the atmospheric environment for positive Change, positive Growth, Maturity and Development. As well as, having a focus toward the ideals of Fairness and Justice.

Most of the populist was pleased to see the change action sparked and push forth by “Black Lives Matters’, with the purpose and intent of its action without causing pain, hurting, fatal oppression and/or death to the populist

In the aftermath of the mobilization of “Black Lives Matters” movement in the case of George Floyd’s death. Which served as an outrage and a wake-up call for public out-cry across the nation. This incident of police brutality, where the police officer in Minneapolis held his knee on the neck of George Floyd causing his death was a gruesome act of inhumane treatment.

In spite of that situation, it is wise, prudent, and fair to say, that law enforcement has its place, and is a much needed service in today’s society.

However, a paradigm shift is prevalent; change is imminent, as it relates to training and education for sensitivity and the advent for the practice of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality. The process of training and education can be a decisive approach toward impacting a shift in behavioral patterns in ways, which law enforcement carry out its daily policing duties.

It has been evident in many prior law enforcements cases of apprehension, that certain police officers, has exhibited the action of being, to anxious and overly zealous in their behaviors, to use excessive force, and to draw and shoot their weapon to hurt, harm, and kill people

The learning curve of training, education, and through the implementation of such training exposure, can serve to be a key component to close the chasm of trust and honor between law enforcement and the populist. This along side other constructive dialog and conversation to help build a safer community and a ultimate unified society.

Steve Braxton, Ordained minister, Life coach, Freelance writer & Blogger, Featured at,


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