Overthinking Make Things Harder…

Overthinking Make Things Harder

Way too many times and too many of us give up on ourselves because of overthinking. We think of goals, and a lot of times, in our mind, we are trying to explore different ways of doing it. However, in reality, we keep on finding new ways to convince ourselves as to how it is not attainable. For example, let us say that we decided to start going to the gym tomorrow. We wake up, look outside the window, and hope for the weather to be against our mood. If that doesn’t happen, somehow we find ways to lose our energy at work so that at the end of the day we can say, it was a long day, I will start from tomorrow. If the workday was excellent, we might be looking to hang out with our best friend because we have not seen them in a few days now. We can also talk about getting up early tomorrow. We choose a few days from now to start waking up early morning. Finally, the day of success is only a day away. We already feel accomplished. It is so exciting to know that I am going to start waking up early but all of a sudden a night before, somehow an exciting movie came on t.v, or a very dear friend came over who ended up staying late. Therefore, the early morning start-up day moves to another day. And, it was this summer when we were supposed to take skill classes, but somehow friends got together and decided on a trip together. And now, since the next available session is in winter, we can move it forward to another season.

We can go down the list of all the goals, and for each purpose, there will be ten excuses in proportion. All this is because of overthinking or pressing our thoughts altogether. Either one is not good. Starting the process is the only way out of this web of lies. Just like Nike said, Just do it. Start the process and enjoy the journey. It is like going to a beautiful destination: You want to enjoy the process. Even stopping at rest areas seem fantastic as you know that you are getting closer to your destination. Tell your mind to tell you ways to achieve your goals and start walking towards them!.


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Waheed R Khan


I love speaking and writing about never giving up, finding strengths and weaknesses, self-esteem, positive and negative energies, and resiliency,…

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