Overcoming The Fear Of Failure…

Overcoming The Fear Of Failure

One of the biggest challenges faced by individuals as a student is to avoid the thought of being failed. We all in our life at some point ask ourselves that “what will happen if I fail?” “What will happen after that?” “What if I get not succeeded?” and “What if I start this and end get to stir up in between?” Well, Failure is a part of life and failure does not mean that a person is not able to do anything but it means that the person is trying and trying is another hope. Another mistake students make is when they fail, they start blaming themselves. This is also a reason that ripens the fear of failure. What to do if this all happens to you too? Do you want to face your fear and step towards success or do you want to push away the success waiting for you by not facing your fear? Here are some steps presented to you to overcome the fear of failure and step towards success:

Re-evaluate Failure: Why can’t we stop worrying that if we fail we will look foolish, we did something wrong and we did not meet the expectations of others or maybe our own expectations? That is because most of the use, failure means “THE END OF THE WORLD”. Well, it’s not! Change your thought about Failure. Re-consider the word Failure and think about it. Is it what you thought? What if I say Failure means learning? If you won’t make mistakes, how would you learn the right thing?

Be an Optimist: the ball will not always going to be in your court but the opportunity to learn can always be in your court. By being optimistic mean be someone who sees the opportunity of learning something new in every situation. Another reason for being an optimist is IT IS BETTER THAN TO BE A PESSIMIST. What if I turn the question “What if I fail?” into “What if I learn something innovative?”

Every opportunity is a path to learn and failure means you learned something. Being afraid of failure and not trying and taking initiative because of the fear of failure means you are missing an opportunity to learn something or maybe you are missing out something on which your Future Success depends. Try to change your priority from “not trying because you may fail” to “trying because you want to learn something” and see the world changing around you.

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