Overcoming Mental Darkness…

Overcoming Mental Darkness

The clouds roll in. When you look on the horizon the rays of sunlight are breaking through, but you can feel the chill of the storm beginning to settle. What was once a welcoming day of sunlight and beach time has turned sour, ruined by the settling cold front.

You can allow the cold to creep in or you can see a beautiful creation. One that has been and will be since the beginning of time, in this there is still beauty.

Beauty is an ever present device. We, as people, just choose not to acknowledge the ever present “silver lining.”We each have our reasons. Whether pin point areas or broad world issues, each of us have a responsibility to forge how we will see and respond to life.

The sun won’t always be shining, but we know it’s there. Winter will sometimes stays longer than anticipated, but we don’t throw away our summer clothes. We wait, because we know that in the midst of the will of Mother Nature, she will bring back the heat and good weather, in due time and place. She stands outside of time. We are the one’s on a schedule.

When life threatens to destroy your paradise, it’s important to take a moment and mentally build yourself up to face the hardships. Know they will pass. Hold on to the loved ones who support and uplift. Most important, if you feel alone step up and do the thing yourself. If you don’t love yourself enough to keep going for you, you’ll never find it in someone else.


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