Overcomimg Depresssion

We tend to think this way because of our inadequate understanding of the laws of Nature and the principles of life. Let’s try to gather some right understanding, and see if it makes you feel like living:

There is birth after death and death after birth.

As soon as this life comes to an end, immediately the other life begins. No sooner this body’s death happens, birth in another body takes place at the very same moment. So, even if one wishes to, one really cannot escape being alive and going through the dreadful long life, life after life.

Do you know why does this cycle continue relentlessly?

It is because of our ‘causes and effects, and effects and causes’ that the cycle perpetuates. A person creates causes during his entire life. Once the causes are created, there is no escaping from its ensuing consequences of its effects. If causes are destroyed, consequently effects too would come to an end, and this cycle would cease to continue thereafter.

In our past lives, we have created causes (karmas), and our mind, speech, body in this life are effects. These thoughts that are coming to you today are also merely an effect of the causes made in the past life.

The deep inner intent in any event is the cause. All else is an effect.

And while this effect is unfolding, our deep inner intent (internal meditation) at that moment is our real endeavour, for it creates new causes, which will bring forth its fruits as effects in our next life. During this inner meditation, the subatomic particles of matter (karmas) from the outside are pulled inwards.

These karmas take on the form of whatever kind of meditation is in progress and subtly accumulate into our body. If our intent is good, the charged karmas are good, the effect of which too is bound to be good. And if our intent is bad, the charged karmas are bad, the effect of which is bound to be bad. This is how the causal body for our next life gets created. And on the death of the physical body, this causal body travels along with the Soul; from which the effective body for our new life begins to unfold!

Now that we know that our deep inner intent is what determines the shape of our future life, we’ve found the purpose of being alive, and while trying to fulfil this purpose, it shall no more seem like we are having to go through a dreadful long life.

What are the kind of intents that we should constantly maintain in our life:

• Intent to not cause hurt to anybody;

• Intent to ask for forgiveness when we cause hurt to anybody;

• Intent to help people / serve the mankind;

• Intent to attain Self-Realization – this is the primary purpose of our life!!

1. Every morning, as soon as you wake up, pray to God, ‘I do not want to hurt any living being, even in the slightest degree, through my thoughts, speech and conduct’. Repeat this five times.

2. Yet, it may happen that you do end up hurting someone anyways. Do not worry. Immediately repent for the mistake and resolve not to repeat that mistake, ‘Oh God! I made this mistake. Please forgive me. And give me strength to not do this ever again.’ This is called pratikraman!

While you are still alive, destroy all the karmas (causes) bound in this life through pratikraman. The more mistakes you destroy through pratikraman, the closer you come to liberation. So keep doing pratikraman, as and when time permits. Ask God for forgiveness for all the mistakes such as attachment, abhorrence, anger, pride, any deceit, greed, that we may have done towards our family members, neighbours and all others whom we have met in life. Clear all the bondages with the entire world in this way, and you thus get liberated from karmas!

3. More important than a person’s external action, is his internal intent to help. This intention should always be present. When you give happiness, you get loads of happiness. Life no more seems long then. So harness the noble intention to help people with whatever you have, to lessen their misery!

4. Do you know we’ve wandered through countless of lives to acquire this human body? And it is only in human life that we can be released from this drudgery of life and death and again a new life and a new death. When we know how to fulfil our human birth, we achieve liberation; and until we don’t, this life becomes a vehicle for endless suffering.

Therefore, our primary intent should be to utilise this life to accomplish our ‘real’ work of knowing ‘Who am I?’, because not knowing really, ‘Who am I?’ is the root cause of all causes.

When you realize the Soul, all your puzzles get solved!!

Not knowing really ‘Who am I’, we believe, ‘I am this body and I am the one who has to go through a dreadful long life’; we become one with the mind, we become one with the intellect.

To become one with the mind and the intellect is to plant a seed (cause) for our next birth. But when Gnani gives us the knowledge of our real Self that, ‘I am not this body; I am Pure Soul. This mind is not mine, this intellect is not mine; my existence as a Pure Soul is separate from all of this, and my function is to just see and know everything’, bestowing this knowledge, Gnani puts a stop to the creation of our new causes!!! All that remains then are the pending effects, which remain to endure.

The cycle of cause and effect, effect and cause continues only until we happen to meet Gnani!!!

After Self-Realization of ‘I am a Pure Soul’, one begins to experience permanent bliss, as the inherent nature of Soul is ‘sheer bliss’. Then one does not fear nor dreads anything in life, not even a long life.

So when our connection with Gnani gets established, this life that was a source of frustration and suffering so far, becomes a fountain of joy now! But it is only when we are alive that we can meet Gnani, the Enlightened One, and can attain Self-Realization from Him.

So rather than, ‘I genuinely don’t want to be alive, I simply don’t want to exist, and go through a dreadful long life’, NOW have an ardent desire that ‘I genuinely want to be alive to get my work done that of knowing my real existence, and for this I simply want to meet Gnani as soon as I can, in this life!!’ May this happen very soon in your life. Wish you all the good luck…


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