Out Of The Darkness

Here we are in the darkest time of the year, so it may seem strange that I’m writing about enlightenment. However, as we come out of the darkness and re-enter the light, it’s a wonderful time to embrace enlightenment and our place in the ever evolving scheme of things.

Enlightenment is about being willing to let go of all we believe so that true reality can bleed through. Reality changes moment by moment and is different at each level of our evolution. Clinging to a momentary truth and trying to apply it to all circumstances creates dogma and denial.

We need to open up these locked down places in our minds so we can perceive what’s really happening around us. Then we can process this information to create a more whole experience, a more open and accepting comprehension, a reality where magic truly happens.

Our minds were designed to be receivers and transmitters, not generators. When we try to use the mind to judge reality rather than observe and document, we freeze concepts and create blocks in our neurological pathways. These blocks prevent us from receiving new information that may change our viewpoint, allowing our perceptions to expand.

As new information is allowed to surface, our reality shifts and new experiences are possible. Coming out of cultural and personal denial is like waking from a dream. Denial has kept us safe from the knowledge of the atrocities of daily experience. It has kept us from seeing the coarseness, cruelty and desecration in our lives.

So why would we want to wake up to this grisly reality? To get out of it, thank you.

We went to sleep as we entered a portion of the galaxy with less luminosity. There wasn’t enough light on the planet to support a more expansive awareness. Now we’re not only coming out of the darkest time of year, but re-entering an area of the galaxy with much more luminosity – the age of enlightenment. We have the option of embracing higher frequency and with it, power to change our world.

Darkness is not bad, per se. It’s simply a time supporting deep introspection. Who have we been? What have we done? What has worked for us and what has not? Without this soul searching, we simply create reruns during the next cycle.

By looking at our lives with the understanding that we have co-created them, we can become conscious of our ability to recreate our experience.

The winter solstice is the turnover point from dark to light. This shift is the perfect time to take stock of what has been and, based upon the information we have gathered, set our intent for what we wish to create in the future. By looking deep and intending change at this time of year, we are empowered by the natural rhythm of the season as well as that of the Aquarian Age.

At the same time, we mustn’t limit our creation by exerting too much control over outcome. If we use the mind to create solutions, we’ve greatly limited the creative process. With the understanding there is a higher power, co-creation not only requires clear intent, but optimism and faith.

As the New Year is upon us, I have a wish for us all; that we learn from our past, set clear conscious intent, trustfully open our minds and hearts, engage the power of life and embrace our future with wonder.

A helpful shamanic journey or meditation:

Choose an outcome from the past year that didn’t go as you thought you intended.

Ask yourself:

1. What was my unconscious intent that led to this event?

2. What do I need to know, change, or do to change the outcome next time?

3. What patterns or denials do I need to address to become a more effective co-creator?

Happy Journey!

In loving friendship,

Gwilda Wiyaka


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Gwilda Wiyaka


Gwilda Wiyaka is a certified shamanic instructor and author of six books. Widely traveled, she has studied shamanism for over…

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