Out Of Body Experience And Meeting God…

Out Of Body Experience And Meeting God

I’m resting in bed one afternoon, and I suddenly feel my soul being sucked out of my body. I’m above myself looking down at my body, and feel very light. The next thing I know is I’m entering a tunnel which resembled a worm hole, flying at warp drive speed until I head towards a white bright light. I could barely see as it was so bright. To the right hand side I made out a figure of a man, and behind him (I presumed it was God) I could hear recognisable voices of family members who have previously passed over. Everything was so peaceful, I had no worries about anything compared to being in earth. The figure (God) asked me if I wanted to stay or go back, and I replied saying I wanted to go back and finish a book that I was writing. At some level I wish I had stayed, however I’m back and living life on plant earth for a bit longer now.

I was granted my choice, and the next minute I’m back in my body and wondering what the hell just happened. My OBE was a strange spiritual experience, which many people have experienced. All I know is, the next life was peaceful, loving and there’s no pain.


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stephen renwick


I’m passionate about psychology and love sports. Open minded to different possible universes and experienced an OBE. Please read my…

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